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"God don't like ugly!"
So my coworker told me a story about how she was laid off from her previous job. Even though the layoff was department-wide, my coworker felt that she was unfairly targeted to be let go. Anyway, her two supervisors at the time sat her down and gave her the pink slip, with a 6-month severance package with health benefits. Recently, she learned that her former supervisors are both battling breast cancer. She was almost giddy when she said, "See, God don't like ugly!"

Would you even bother responding to such nonsense or do you think such ideas are fair game for ridicule?

I must admit I had nothing. Just...stunned!

TMA2NC 6 Mar 20

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What a jerk. I would just make a mental note to remember that. Maybe keep an eye out for an opportunity to do her some dirt in the future, stealthily of course.


There is no need for mean comments. I would tell my friend that.

This woman is not my 'friend'. She's a coworker. But yeah, it was so uncalled for.

When someone seems/appears to express pleasure/joy, etc, at those suffering and enduring cancer/s, imho, that person so elated richly deserves ALL they get and much, much, more besides because they have exhibited, clearly, that they are among the very worst of the worst of humanity.

@Triphid well said, people like her are one reason among many others that I do not care for religion.


Remind her that her god in his own story sentenced everyone to die.

JimG Level 8 Mar 21, 2020

Sounds like something i would say. I'm always invoking the all powerful's asshole behaviors.

Too bad she and me are not correct. Especially about the stupids. Oh that it was the Anti-Stupid virus. We could use that.


Gee, what would jeebus say.......


SHE was not a believer. She was being ironic. The others were the believers.


I think what 'comes around, goes around' in America goes around quite fast. I don't really understand why. Maybe it's to do with the intensity of the dog eat dog mentality. If that's what she meant, but wrongly attributed it to God, I see her point.

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