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In this episode of the podcast, Sam Harris speaks about social contagion and about the importance of understanding one's own mind in an emergency.

YenZ 5 Mar 21

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I liked Sam's words here but he gives the impression that this virus will have to make the rounds and eventually we all get it. If it only lives 4 hours on a surface somewhere this would not be exactly true. If we go about business as usual it will hit us because we are spreading it. If we self isolate it might die off for now. Just my opinion. It will also mutate as any other flu virus does over time.

It appears the virus survives for days, not hours, and for now the assumption that virtually all of us will be exposed sooner or later is the practical assumption, even if it turns out more fortunately than that. We in most U.S. communities are now in a status of community spread. We should act as if everyone including ourself is contagious, not acting with hysteria but with responsible caution.


Military training is neither calming nor stressful.... Veterans were given explicit instructions to carry out missions.
... military culture however is sexist & religious so many Atheists before or during military life found spaces and time to resist choosing people as sexual targets nor actually prEy to the alleged battle gawds


The more you work at focusing on calming thoughts the easier it will get. The key is recognizing the negative versus the positive.

It is so much better to inform than hide the facts and truth!!!

Knowledge should be used to inform not conflict!!!

@of-the-mountain Correct, Thing is too many think facts and truth are in the negative catagory.

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