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If you are tired of reading about the virus, skip to the end sections where Nafeez Ahmed is talking about the world AFTERWARDS - and how we can make it better. Posted this yesterday in the Ecology group but it has philosophical ramifications, of course.

Allamanda 8 Mar 22

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That was very hopeful. I hope a return to 'normal' doesn't send people back to sleep. For me, this was the heart of the article:

Getting through coronavirus will be an exercise not just in building societal resilience, but relearning the values of cooperation, compassion, generosity and kindness, and building systems which institutionalize these values. It is high time to recognize that such ethical values are not simply human constructs, products of socialization. They are cognitive categories which reflect patterns of behaviour in individuals and organizations that have an evolutionary, adaptive function. In the global phase shift, systems which fail to incorporate these values into their structures will eventually die.


Ha ha ha - that's a good one!


With the Australian Government literally 'busting its arse' to prop up the Business Sector ( mainly, imo, the BIG Businesses) and handing out relatively measly small extra payments to the average people, workers, unemployed, pensioners, etc, etc, I tend to think that the Big End of Town needs far less financial support from Governments than do the average peoples.
The Big End of town have HUGE cash reserves to fall back on, so a short term loss of massive profits, bonuses to Executives, etc, is NOT going to do them any real harm at all, even IF the Shareholders do NOT get the dividends they expect also.
Big Businesses NEED the little people to keep them running, the little people NEED to have money to buy essentials, etc, to help them survive through this pandemic, IF the little people don't make it through then the Big End of Town Businesses WILL collapse for lack of workers and little people purchasing the goods, etc, they sell to them to make their profits.
After all it IS only logical that NO money in the pockets of the little people means NO purchasing of the Goods produced and sold by the Big End of Town Companies and Corporations does it not?


I have been thinking about this and when the dust settles we have to have a hard think about what is important. Firstly every industry will be under pressure and will be looking for govt help. There will not be enough money for them all even with the massive debt that govts are willing to incur. There will most certainly be a depression. Not a recession but a full-blown 1930s style depression.
It will time to cut off deadwood. The first to go will be airlines, it is an industry that has never made a profit as a whole and is very damaging to the envioment. If this means that you need to pay twice as much to go to Hawaii then so be it. The time of cheap tickets has got to go.


Excellent. Loved the idea of deconstruction of global systems, and focus on opportunities to phase shift toward cooperative systems of energy, food production, ecological use of land, etc.


A better wold afterwards would be nice and I am all for it. However, at this moment I am focusing on making sure I can get bread, milk, rice, toilet paper for myself, my family and my close friends. I am focusing on trying not to get this virus as I have several pre-existing health issues such as diabetes. I am not wealthy and I still have to work, which sometimes requires me to go in to strangers homes (I appraise real estate). Yes, I have gloves and wipes. I do have mask, but masks are over sold on their preventive abilities. So yes, I want a better world, but I am trying to survive in this one at the moment.

Time to batten down the hatches and stay home Jim, it isn’t worth dying for.

@MsHoliday I do have bills to pay and due to being self employed, I get no unemployment insurance. So I have to work.

@creative51 I am sorry to hear that. Take care, wash your hands often, get all the updated information from Doctors.

@MsHoliday I am doing all the proper stuff. I feel a bit stressed about it all. But others have it worse then I so I need to be more positive.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop is really hard. Play your trumpet outside and entertain the neighbours. Lol

@MsHoliday They might have different opinions as to what constitutes entertainment. LOL

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