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I thought about posting in the Covid group, but am looking for more input on how people are feeling. I am posting a poll. The question is simple: How well do YOU believe the government has or is responding to the virus, basically.
Comments are welcome.

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Beowulfsfriend 9 Mar 23

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I also am feeling hopeful. That somehow the right ideas come together, somehow the situation improves. I await tomorrow and the next day. Maybe the situation will improve ?


So, I live in Ohio right by the lake, this administration destroyed the CDC, the ones that are left are doing the best they can to get out the correct information. I never thought Dewine would get credit from me for doing anything but, in this case he deserves it, local is doing well. Happy trails and stay safe.


My verdict on how my state is doing is still out. The governor grabbed emergency power, but otherwise seems to be deferring to local jurisdictions pretty much completely.

Local govt has implemented a lot of rules and restrictions BUT lacks the ability to enforce any of it, so... many are sheltering while many others are congregating as if business is usual. I suspect our numbers are about to reflect this iodiocy. I'd dearly love to be wrong.

At the national level? Last I read, the fed govt was actually COMPETING with states and nonprofits trying to get emergency PPE to our medical community. Not necessarily to help, but to compete. (driving profits up?). Only screening FIVE airports worth of flights, declaring democrat hoax, stating not worse than flu, rejecting the WHO test and offers of testing support in general. The list of travesties is LONG.

Zster Level 8 Mar 23, 2020

I got back from the US at the beginning of March and they were doing nothing, so we were practicing social distancing and aseptic technique as much as possible. When we returned on March 2nd we found that Ontario was issuing recommendations only, not requirements for travelers from China to self isolate, we continued to social distance and self isolated as much as possible before going into total isolation on the 13th. Ontario has a right wing populist government, our premier has been likened to a baby Trump lite. Today all non-essential business have been ordered to close by midnight on the 24th, pressure has been applied by the federal government to force this to happen. It's about time. The local mayor has been excellent, and was ahead of the curve taking steps to limit contagion, putting out bulletins and videos, shutting down municipal venues and events.
We are fortunate to live on an island so that gives us greater isolation, many people haven't taken it seriously but I noticed in the last two days that the walkers are isolating themselves from one and other on their walks instead of being in groups. I'm making plans for my veggie garden, I think I am going to need it this year, more than ever.


I feel very worried. Just read some statistics atheists/ non believers are being more hard hit by area. Please be safe everyone!

Where did you see these stats?

@Surfpirate I will copy it.

@Surfpirate "70% of US COVID-19 Cases, Deaths in the 25 Least Religious States
I was just curious, so I did a little work up of the 25 most religious states and the 25 least religious states to see which had the most COVID-19 cases and deaths, and which had the least. List of U.S. states and territories by religiosity - Wikipedia. []

Religiosity was determined from a Gallup Poll asking "Is religion important in your daily life?" State size and population didn't always matter. For example, Illinois, New Jersey, and North Carolina were among the upper half of religious states; Vermont, Delaware, Wyoming were in the least religious half.

Here were the results: Pretty much a 70-30 split in both categories.

25 Least Religious States: 8040 cases, 69.9%: 119 deaths 69.6%
25 Most Religious States: 3476 cases, 30.1%: 52 deaths, 30.4%"

@Surfpirate There was much discussion. One idea suggested the less religious live in more populated area where disease would be more easily spread. Seems logical to me but could warrant further questions.

Also it is somewhat of a question that noone has talked about the possibility of a rogue scientist. Has law enforcement spoken at all? I know in Korea there was a story about a church group. Not real familiar.

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