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Today I was in a store to buy some items. There was a young male acting goofy and wanting to strike up a conversation and every time I went to avoid him, there he was again.
I finally started yelling at him and asked if he was stupid. Are people really this dense? Did they forget the six foot rule or do they want to die?

PondartIncbendog 8 Mar 25

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Probably Aspbergers/autistic, they "focus". But, yes, I would insist on space too.


Q: Are people really this dense?

A: Yes, they are

1of5 Level 8 Mar 25, 2020

Perhaps he was learning impaired or high as you commented that he was "acting goofy".

ps Now you have an idea of what it is like, as a female, to be pursued by a nud nik,. (it';s Russian) =0}


You think he was dense? There are many people who are for idiotic than he is. All them suffer from catastrophic brain damage which renders all of them incapable of rational thought. The idea of observing the six foot rule is simply beyond their mental (in)capacity.

You're right. He wasn't dense. He was a airhead.


They think they are immune

bobwjr Level 10 Mar 25, 2020

Um, no. They are incapable of thinking. They merely imagine that they are immune.

(And I apologise to you for being so bitchy. My only excuse is that I have had a really sh!t day, and I hope you never have the like.)

@anglophone I get angry when I have to defend myself. And I've been angry all week. We all have to watch ourselves.

@anglophone Here, this is for you. Laughing?

@PondartIncbendog Thank you. 🙂


Some people are just born stupid.


Was he wearing a maga hat?

No, but he was acting like a MAGA idiot.

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