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Is this true and if so can we arrest him? Invoke the 25th amendment? People afraid of Pence, I understand but Pence is a vp for a reason. He can accept that he isnt the highest authority and that makes him more workable. We don't have time for this current shit []

thinkwithme 7 Mar 25

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Your Republican Party is pure evil. I never use that term usually, but I cannot think of a more appropriate word. Why are so many Americans incapable of understanding that this party does not care about them, does not care if they live or die. Even cult thinking, which I've researched a lot in my time, does not explain why so many Americans are incapable of connecting self-interest to their understanding of politics.Have you read Trumps latest popularity poll results?

Oh, by the way, the age of the post WW2 American Empire dies with this virus, I predict. It was teetering under Trump, now comes the final nail. The implications will be enormous, for all of us.

Why, or how, you ask… Evil has picked what brains these people have in order to find out what angers them enough to vote. It’s single-issue politics. Evil cultivates hatred & fear, evoking God, Guns, or Gays into their campaign, then wins at the polls..

But instead of governing for the benefit of the people, they concentrate on further tweaking the system in order to make it easier for their kind to repeat the process. The system is now so lop-sided, good must behave as evil in order to even compete … politically correct purists refuse to support good … and we get what we’ve got!

I’ve never cared for the ‘good vs. evil’ stuff either, but with regard to our modern ‘Republicans,’ it’s tragically become that simple..

@Varn Yes, just like Capitalism destroys itself, as it has done or come close to several times over the past century when unchecked, the Republicans, by undermining the very system of structures and values that underpins it, is destroying itself. It seems to think it can remain dominant in a collapsed country, but that's a fool's errand. I don't know if the medical analogy here is with a cancer, or a bacteria, or a virus, but there definitely is one.

@LimitedLight G.W. Bush mishandled Katrina and his polls sank. Trump has bungled Corona in a way that could cost a huge number of lives, and is still bungling it, and his polls rise. What on earth has happened to America?


You see Cuomo biting his tongue, and you'll see more. It's not because he's afraid of Shitler, it's because he's mature. Shitler says everything that comes into his childish head.


Never gonna happen in the middle of all the chaos, plus with the election coming. Best possible outcome may be the EC stepping in amd overriding the popular vote and choosing someone better than either Trump or Biden or whoever else in in those two tickets.


I feel sorry for you guys in USA. That is the sickest mindset.

If this was a proper job he would have been on the bus home ages ago.

Only eight months to go and you can fuck him off once and for all. And make sure you go to the door with him to make sure he leaves.


Can't with current Senate

@LimitedLight after election when Mitch and Lindsay are tossed out or democrats win enough to stop their obstruction


Risking lives over petty personal politics... I should not be surprised. It’s as if this country was headed by a toddler.

Zster Level 8 Mar 25, 2020

Its criminal. Its obvious..

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