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Just wanted to say thank you to everyone here. This community helps me through the holidays, especially religious ones like today (Easter, not April Fool's, although those together are perfect irony). I'm alone for most holidays, which is okay most of the time, and better than having to sit through a religious themed dinner! Is anyone else alone on holidays?

poetdi56 7 Apr 1

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I cooked a fish I caught for my parents yesterday (Mom's kitchen, not mine). None of us care about the religious aspect but eating together was good.
Gratitude is good.


You're welcome


I’m a long way from ‘home.’ Living alone for the first time in life, yup, totally alone … other than neighbors inviting me to ‘their doings.’ The site’s helped me, too. But as Spring’s here and seasonal work increases, I’m afraid I’ll appear derelict around here 🙂

Varn Level 8 Apr 2, 2018

Your comment within parenthesis is quite cute poetdi56...


@PoetDi56 You should have said - a phone chat could have happened. But I'm curious that people no longer seem inclined to party. Several weeks ago I put up a post suggesting that people around the world join in a virtual dinner party but got little response. Here courtesy of "Traditional and Folkmusic" and #MagicPudding is Paul Simon from 1965


I have only been on it for a short while but I must say I appreciate the candor, company, friendship and feelings of belonging.


I am alone on a lot of holidays for more reasons than those religion related,I like to be able to check in here to break it up a bit


I'm usually alone on most holidays, which is fine by me. For this particular Easter, I'm actually quietly celebrating a "rebirth" of my own, shedding (or letting die) a troublesome relationship and subsequently initiating an "ascention" to a higher standard for what I will allow into my life. By pruning out the wayward branches of my life, I hope to have more energy for producing more positive interactions in my life.

By the way, I also appreciate the company of this site and other secular sites during normally religious holidays. Nice to know I'm not alone in rejecting the biblical themes. Funny how there doesn't seem to be any press about the "war on Easter" or if there is, I don't see it.

A wonderful, positive reawakening for you. So happy to hear it! Peace to you.


Me! On the minor ones.


I just joined this site earlier today, and am really enjoying it already. I'm alone for the most part, and will be glad when this day comes to an end. Take care.


Don't know if I've been part of the help but if I am you're welcome 🙂


I work for the post office on the holidays delivering Amazon packages. My two older children live a little over an hour away, and my youngest goes with my ex for most holidays, so I am mostly alone. I am an introvert, so I appreciate my alone time. Today is just another day to me, so I don't really think much about it. I could go for some black jelly beans, though! 🙂

Not much of a sweets person - but I will admit that black jelly beans are the bomb. Yum!


Today, I really wish I was alone.
Glad you have found a place that helps you.



You're not alone in being alone.


Since I'm holiday free (read sober), being alone during those days, though rare, is cherished. I'm a really strange man n many harmless ways. Ritual days and rituals themselves are absent. No problem withothers' participation, but I 'just say no'.

The feeling, after withdrawals of a few years allowing relatives and friends to catch-up to the condition, is one of exhillarating freedom! It's a take it or leave it status. If people are having a party or something like that for general purposes of some habitual occasion, I don't reject their company if invited and feel like attending. Wishing of happy this or merry that gets a cordial response unless it is used by those who know my attitude as a disrespectfully meant taunt.

Same goes for religious and nationalistic rituals. The choice is there to arrive late, skip attendance or stand without participating, out of respect for the group. Fanaticism CAN swing the other way too.

Perfect. I like the way you think.


This is a fake holiday for a fake religious community that believes in fake news


I have 8 people total in my house but everyone including my daughter do their own thing. No one sat down and ate dinner my roommate Kathy made. Alone on holidays - might as well be.

I've had those experiences also. Being alone took some getting used to, but now I enjoy it, mostly.


You're welcome! We've had a blast in the Memes group!

"Memes R Us" . Unpaid endorsement.

@EricTrommater dint get my bill?

@DangerDave lost in the mail....sorry bro.

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