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Hey folks ! Just wonder ,has everyone knows where we go after we died ? Everyone says theres life after death ?

By Cams443
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It doesn't matter, you won't even feel it


there is . your carbon will assist complex organisms to survive [ or turn to stone if you're really good]


I happen to believe that the Tibetan Book Of The Dead gives us the most accurate description of what happens to us when we die. According to this belief system, when we die the part of us which makes up our consciesness leaves the body and begins a journey to find a new physical body to inhabit.

There may even be some scientific evidence to give this a little bit of ground to stand on. According to science, at the immediate moment of death our bodies lose exactly three quarters of a pound, possibly indicating that our consciesness has measurable weight. Also, the Tibetan Book Of The Dead says that our consciesness enters a new body on the 49th day of development of the fetus. This just happens to be the exact time that science tells us the Pineal Gland reaches full development in the brain.

webbew1 Level 7 Nov 23, 2017

A friend once asked me about the Buddhist idea of reincarnation. I recently was thinking, how many consciousnesses could there be even on our small planet; my answer was, infinite. To me reincarnation means taking up someone else's consciousness and replacing it with our own.


Noet everyone believes in life after death. I have no opinion myself on the subject. i figure I will focus on my life here. I will die eventually and find out... or not, if there is nothing.

snytiger6 Level 8 Nov 23, 2017

We may go but we won't know


I've offered my remains up to science. That being said I won't be hovering in some spiritual form thinking "oh shit, that's my trachea being held by Dr. Oz". I will not exist and I accept that. If you imagine some deity has something special for you after your death enjoy the fantasy, but please don't hurry your demised based on such thoughts because your present life is all there is.

MuniJohn Level 5 Nov 23, 2017

I can't say for sure where we will go after we die, but I'm assuming it will be like before we were born.

precisely my thoughts, we knew nothing about existence before birth and will know as little when were dead.

id be happy to be recycled to be quite honest and I hope its like before I was born.


Six feet under.


We don't go anywhere. We simply cease to exist as entities.

wordywalt Level 8 Nov 23, 2017

I've arranged to donate my body that I have enjoyed wearing out, to a medical school. So my tired ass will be on a dissection table to assist the next generation of doctors.
So a refrigerator and a solution of formaldehyde.


That all depends on where you get buried.

I planted a weeping willow wear I used to play as a kid by a river. I'm going to get burned and sprinkled under it to directly give it nutrients and help the life that depends on trees.


Who knows? But it would be nice if its whatever you believe!

Majoraay Level 3 Nov 23, 2017

I presume that you mean your consciousness, the "soul", for the sake of the argument.

Yeah, most here believe that we simply cease to exist. Just like the way you were years before you were born. I believe that too and it's perfectly fine.

As for the physical aspect, depends on your burial arrangements.

TonesX Level 5 Nov 23, 2017

We're all stardust, which at this moment in time, is expressing itself as a human being...

Hominid Level 7 Nov 23, 2017

Deform to form a star....


Yeah...we will be one with the universe.

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