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Oh, quite touching, just a had little 6 year old boy at my front door asking if I had seen his pet caterpillar because it had built itself a home a few weeks ago and when he looked today the home was open and the caterpillar had gone.
I explained to him as best I could in words, etc, that he'd understand, that his caterpillar buit his home so he could live in while he change from a caterpillar into a Butterfly or a Moth and that's what caterpillars do.
I hope he understood, well at least he looked like he did as he smiled and walked out of my front gate.

Triphid 8 Apr 11

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This is the USA. That would never happen here.

What, you mean you don't have caterpillars or 6 year old children in the U.S.....LOL.


That's a sweet story. I absolutely loved your response. That child asked the right person. A much better answer than "my cat probably ate it"

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