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Paid Protesters Give the Performance of a Lifetime - The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper...

phxbillcee 9 Apr 2

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While watching this, I kept wonering... "would a Tea party membr take this as serious reporting, insted of the satire/spoof that it was?

Guess! They watch FauxNews, don't they!


Ahhh. Sweet, sweet humor. Keeping me out of prison or the psychiatric ward for three decades

I know THAT feeling, bro!


Great video!


Shocking, but a great exposé. We need more hard working investigative reporters on the street to make sure these phonies can't get away with their nefarious plot.


Aaahhh, yes, the "paid protesters" again. I have done Plenty of protesting over decades and a Bunch lately, still waiting for my check(s).......

Me, too!

I get my protest checks regularly. You should contact the Bavarian Illuminati directly. You probably have YEARS of back pay coming. 😉

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