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Does anybody have any comments to make about their encounters with Catholic Priests?

FlyingEagle1952 6 Apr 3

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I am not Catholic but have met a few. To be honest, the ones I met were great guys.
Years ago there was a young priest who came in each week to bank the weekly takings. !st time I met him, I didn';t know he was the priest. His opening comment as he walkd edin the door was , "This f****n Cathic Chruch can really give one the s...s." We got on very well, he was a keen fisherman.
The other was the priests at the church of my inlaws so met him at mother inlaws funersl. He was the only person at the funeral who would speak to my daughter and I as I had left the ex, kids came with me, we were bad etc.
We stood around after the ceremony discussing Queen and their music.


You're an agnostic or atheist. So why do you care?

actually that has nothing to do with it.......a lot of them are pedophiles. We have had 6 different Catholic Priests in our town over the years, 2 of them are in prison now. They are hypocrites. Christians over history are sick just like the Muslims. "it's either our way, or the highway".......

@FlyingEagle1952. There is actually nothing in the catholic faith that goes against it that's why they originally started it


I didn't myself but an ex-boyfriend did when Cardinal Law of Boston sexually abused many boys in Keene, NH area. Actually talked him into studying for the priesthood right out of high school. Nasty man.

yeah......I think they killed that asshole in prison. What a sicko.


I've never met one. My family are all Chrisitians.


I remember one priest from my church got too drunk and spent a night in jail lol that was the talk of the town ?


Attended Catholic school from first grade all the way thru high school.Some of the nuns were bat shit crazy.

my second grade teacher would torture the boys before we started class everyday. horrible

"bat shit crazy" is an understatement!!


When i was an alter boy they were kind of a pain in my ass....

I was going to make a joke about that, butt fuck it.

that's a good one, "Catholic Priests are a pain the ass!!!"


I have not had a lot of contact with them. I have noticed that clergy are generally in the protestant religion to be seen as leaders, while priest are seen as being direct conduits to god and given as much deference as god himself. Catholics revere priest as god itself in many cases.


They are just the nices group of pedophiles you ever want to meet.

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