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A very serious question here.
I'm in a kind of quandary at the moment, my Evangelidiot neighbour has just left my front door AFTER introducing me to the 'love of his life.'
But, I know from seeing her around town for many years and by her well known reputation, though most DEFINITELY and Assuredly not from experience I must state firmly, that she is STILL, even though in her late 50's, working as local Hooker using an assumed name, etc.
Should I try to tell him that his new 'love of his life' is,

  1. a Lady of the night,
  2. DEFINITELY not the virgin she professed to him that she is since He only seeks out a virgin according to his Evangelistic belief and comprehension of same, or,
  3. should I just let 'sleeping dogs lie' and leave things as I did when when I responded to the introduction with a kindly " Oh, that's nice" ? Now I have no objections against Prostitutes/Prostitution, after all is said and done, Prostitution IS the oldest Profession in the world bar none, but I do hold objections, etc, against the Pimps/Madams, etc, who are little more than parasites feeding off of the prostitutes themselves.
    During my years as a Nurse I met numerous prostitutes when they had visited hospitals for treatments, etc, and I'd say that 99% of them are quite pleasant people to say the least.
Triphid 9 May 22

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Some people are able to believe whole-heartedly in things that are total fallacies, and your neighbor already believes a lot of them, so what makes you think he'd actually believe you if you told him? It's more likely that he'll continue with his true love, and the both of them will be furious at you.

After the massive eruption of voices from his house last evening and his' love of his life' coming to my door literally begging me to call a cab for her, I'd say that he has learned his lesson the hard way this time.
So my sense of decency, etc, is well and truly off the hook now at least.

@Triphid I'm so glad it worked itself out, and that you didn't have to become entangled any more than you did. (Although, geez, now I'm a little curious as to what transpired over there. πŸ˜‰ )

@Lauren All I can tell anyone was that there two very raised voices and one very angry male voice as well.
All of which I could hear quite clearly over my television programme I was trying to watch in peace.
I've half expecting him to come 'crying on my shoulder' like he tried when the 'Ghana incident came to light, but he will be clean out of luck this time imo.


Tell the local neighbourhood "book" is giving 5:1 against a marriage lasting more than 2 days before he is cuckolded. What odds does Evangelidiot want for a $1000 on it lasting a week?


you know what they say........Ignorance is bliss. Let him think/believe whatever he wants to. If it blows up down the road - just act surprised. P.S. Someone will undoubtedly share what they know with him - because so many people would rather live by the saying: Misery loves company.


I’d let it be. /2Β’


I thought this was pretty funny until I remembered I had a close Evangelical relative who married a hooker after "witnessing" to some of them in Tulsa in the 80's. It lasted 2 weeks before being annulled. I'd let it go.


This guy believes in God AND 50 year old virgins? My guess is he's not all that interested in 'truths'. I agree with @barjoe, I would only consider telling him if he was a true friend, outside of that, I don't think it would be received well or productive.


There are three rules to follow. Mind your own business, keep your hands to yourself, keep your nose clean. I would follow rule one if I were you.


I would tell him if he was my friend. If I didn't really like him, I would just chuckle about it to myself. I don't have any friends who are that stupid anyway.


Leave it alone


Leave him alone. He may be a cognitive disaster area, but he is nevertheless the master of his own destiny.


My advice would be to leave it be. Let him live in his own world and handle his own problems. Sounds like he was "showing her off" to you maybe?

In any case, it's not your business. If you know something that he doesn't know, but he doesn't ask you, then don't offer. Though if he ends up getting his heart broken and comes to you for comfort, you could tell him she looks like someone you've seen around town... I'd keep it to to yourself though, unless it becomes necessary to reveal.

You might be mistaken about her - sometimes people resemble others and we make assumptions that aren't true - or aren't true anymore.


Mind Your Own Business! She may have found religion & turned over a new leaf. She may take him to the cleaners. You are not his mother!

Hear! Hear!


Pain is a great teacher. 😈 or maybe he'll "save" her with his naivety. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Either way, remember that people normally shoot the messenger.


Seems to be a mind your own business scenario.


He's looking for a virgin in her fifties? Really? What's your concern, that she might fleece him? Well, he's not a kid, is he? On 'tother hand the world is full of couples that defy convention but work out. Like Woody Allen pointed out in that movie of his, whatever works. So, I'd keep out of it, were it I. Good luck.

Oh and I agree with you about sex workers. These archaic religious-based negative attitudes about people who do this work, of their own volition, without sleazy pimps exploiting them, should be a thing of the past.

@SanDiegoAirport the police investigated the matter and said there was no evidence on which to proceed with the case. They also considered Mia Farrow of poor credibility, even going so far as to suggest that she gave false information to the police. Now, unless the police reconsider the case and charge him, I'm old fashioned enough to believe that people are innocent until proved guilty, even in sex crimes.


I get that your neighbor is a pain in the ass and his beliefs are working on your nerves .
But . I also have a feeling , for all your bitching and all your complains , a nursing heart won’t let any human jump over a cliff . I just know it .
I support whatever u decide , Nurse β™₯️

His beliefs are annoying everyone in the close neighbourhood to be 100% truthful, not just mine.
Ionce tried to tell that a 'supposed' woman he was texting from Ghana and sending her money as well was just scamming him but his response was merely to say, " God and Jesus love me, they would NOT allow that to happen."
About 5,500 dollars later he realised, finally, that he's led up the garden path but told everyone that God/Jesus were just ptting him to the test.
What I post is not bitching so much as it is my kind of warning to others out there of what can and does on in this crazy world full of Religiotard Nut cases around us.

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