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Has anyone been watching Counterpart on Netflix?
I dig it..thoughts?

Charlene 9 Apr 4

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I like it. I’m looking forward to seeing how mr softie does in mr hard-ass’ world.

Ok..won't do a spoiler


I couldn't find Counterpoint on Netflix. Did you mean Counterpart? It looks like that is on Starz available through Amazon.


That guy was great in Law and Order SVU


I watched the trailer. It lookds great, thanks for posting it.

cava Level 7 Apr 4, 2018

Well I am a big fan of J. K. Simmons

Then you need to see this..

@Charlene I know


Like the original on 60 minutes?

Nope it's awesome scifi


Jk Simmons is brilliant in it have fallen behind with it though as it can be a bit slow at times

True it does at times get tedious..

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