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Checking my email today, I was heartened to read:

This is your quarterly AmazonSmile donation notification. Your charity, Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc., recently received a quarterly donation of $10,320.31 thanks to customers shopping at
To date, AmazonSmile has donated a total of $135,084.47 to Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc.

For anyone who shops through Amazon anyway, why not try going through Smile? It doesn't cost a penny more, and your shopping results in a donation to a worthy cause. As you see, I chose FFRF, but the site supports hundreds if not thousands of charities, and has passed on millions in donations. It's simple and it's worth it. [] (Updated with link)

Paul4747 8 June 15

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Thanks for letting us know about this! I was able direct donations to the Secular Humanists of Western Lake Erie.

JGal Level 7 June 16, 2020

Good for you! I was pleased to get my email this morning as well, but for the Alzheimer's Association. Initially I was suspicious (which is just my personality coming through), but it seems to be straight-forward and legit.

Lauren Level 8 June 15, 2020

Did you start donating recently? These emails come quarterly, as a little boost to keep the donations (and the shopping) going. It's a marketing technique, sure, but it's also something to legitimately feel good about.

@Paul4747 I'm thinking it was a couple of years ago that I signed up for it. I'm sure they aren't making a fortune from my purchases but, like you said, it feels good that I can provide something to the charity with no extra effort on my part.

@Lauren Hmm. Maybe they started sending the emails recently, I don't really remember how long I've been getting them.

Not trying to gaslight anybody, honest. I just get so many emails, and I delete 75% of them.

@Paul4747 It absolutely, positively never crossed my mind that you would try to gaslight anyone. On the contrary, I thought it was a great suggestion, and hopefully the Freedom From Religion Foundation will benefit from this. 🤗

@Lauren I meant, on getting emails. Silly reply, I was tired. Sorry. Even more so now. I should go to bed.....


That's a great cause, but my Amazon Smile account is supporting the Ferndale (Michigan) Public Library. My brother is a librarian, and he is the Director of Adult Services there.

Kudos to him and you.


That's awesome! Thanks for sharing.


I sinned again and registered. Thank you.

Nope, thank you.


Went with education and supporting wikipedia...


Torn between donating to Buddhism, Cancer research, or education!
Decisions decisions....



Follow this link to learn more about Amazon Smile. My charity is Omaha Metropolitan Area Humanist Association. With all my purchases I think I give them about $20 per year. Today I had to order blades for my rotary cutter, right now I'd rather shop at home than in the fabric store. And just typing that makes me wanna cry.


Link or information on how to sign up please.
Googling "smile" is not working. 😀


My purchases support the Omaha Metropolitan Area Humanist Association.

Added it in the post. Searching Amazon Smile also works for me.

Right on, thanks.
Didn't know from your post if this was an Amazon service or some ancillary service that "piggyback" on Amazon

@TheMiddleWay I am reasonably sure it's directly through Amazon, just a sub-service which lets one direct part of their purchase to charity. A way for Jeff Bezos to encourage charitable giving in an extremely painless way, all things considered, and at the same time improve his company's bottom line.

Does it occur to me that I could donate a lot more just by giving directly to the charities of my choice, without contributing to a mega-corporation at the same time? Certainly. But since I'm guaranteed to buy stuff, and Amazon is the only place I can find many obscure titles anymore, might as well give a little at the same time. And it doesn't detract from my monthly donations to Wikipedia and NPR.

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