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Why does extremism in politics seem to be the new norm? Thoughtful answers looking to solve problems, please.

OrangeJuice 6 Apr 6

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Power play, here in Oz there is no real difference between the parties in our duopoly. That seems to enable/encourage the extremeists in each to try and draw the fringe voters.


I'm against extremism in all forms. A good life is about Balance and Moderation.
That could be the most hippy thing that I've ever said.


Is it just politics, or could it be all of humanity?

The life of an extremist is certainly an easier life. Less thinking required.


Omg, just listening to Trump talk is enough to send me to crazy land. He is the best material for comedians. You never know what name hes going to call someone. Totally inappropriate. His tweets aren't any better. He has caused a big rift because he is so far to the right. He can't stand LGBQT people, people who are black or brown and immigrants. His policies on education, environment and religion ( not everyone is a Christian) taxes and the military are wrong. I don't care what Trumpies say, he is wrong as president. Ohh I didn't even mention Stormy Daniels and his making money off his businesses...


The more things change the more they stay the same.


There's always been extremism in politics. Those engaging in it just have more platforms
to exhibit it now.


In the US? Because voters became apathetic

In my limited experience, people care about political outcomes but don't vote/take the necessary steps to influence those outcomes. Why is this, I wonder?

@OtisJesser there seems to be some disconnect, no understanding that it's our actions that will 'save' our 'democracy'
actions speak louder than words


A couple of reasons.
Conflict is good TV. Calm people generally get on the tube. You want to noticed, you better throw bombs.
Districts are gerrymandered, so it is a candidate's interest be extreme right or extreme left, to appease the primry voters.
Members are now expected to be in their home district every wkend, mostly to raise money. In the old days, members actually socialized with each other, including across party lines.

Those are gut impressions and not based in any research on my part.

Watergate is the most event in my life. If Nixon was no president, would he get away with all those things?


Trump has given the worst of humanity permission to be intolerant bigots and found his peeps. Why it seems to be simultaneously happening around the world I would think is no different. We can communicate instantly with people anywhere on the planet via the Internet, we’ve made the world smaller and when thinking is small that thinking we will everywhere. November will be a tipping point one way or the other!

From my perspective Trump is a symptom, of troubles on both left and right, not a cause.

@OtisJesser I could see that being part of it... it’s to big, widespread and complex to have only one catalyst.


They are just the ones yelling the loudest. They don’t represent most people. If you see polls of people they are pretty reasonable. But the politicians are bought by companies and the news people are mostly paid propaganda.

Here, here! Sells papers, scares the public, divides us into minority groups that will fight amongst themselves and ignore the greater picture...which decide.

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