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So, a nice iced coffee about 3pm sounds lovely! I get in the drive-up line at Dunkin Donuts, give my order. (only open for drive-up, and the State is under "wear a mask" orders)
When i get to the window, to my horror the gal making the coffee is wearing her mask Under her nose. As she tries to hand it to me i go "No Way! I want my coffee free of your nose secretions!" Another employee, properly wearing a mask (2 out of the 3 i could see) comes & quickly makes my coffee, while the gal, with folded arms, makes low-voiced remarks like "my freedom"....kept my receipt, calling DD headquarters today.

AnneWimsey 9 July 18

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OMG, @AnneWimsey I went to the Cookout drive through last night for a milkshake and saw about 6 employees. One had on no mask at all, 1 had it on his chin, 3 had it below their nose, and 1 had it on properly. WTH?

D9 not give them your $$!


Never mind w headquarters .
Send them that email , but call your local news channel if u really want things to change at that place and advocate for others who will be served coffee by her .

Exactly, my local Home Depot made the local news for its shoddy health practices. The next day, they had their parking lot marked for safe distance, had a person counting and limiting customers, and everyone was wearing their masks properly. Seems corporate didn't like the bad publicity and made system wide changes.

The only contact info on the sales slip is their national email addy...otherwise I would agree 100%.


I find it ridiculous on how many are wearing mask in this same fashion. Its pointless if they aren't covering up!!


That seems to be the most common way of wearing them. Mom and I ate out at our favorite restaurant for the first time since February and most all of wait staff and half the customers had their mask below their nose or even further down. It’s a losing battle.

It isn't a losing battle if you speak up (especially to management as you Leave the place) & follow up by phoning/emailing your legislators...." putting up with it" is not fighting for your life & the lives of your loved ones!


Instead of calling headquartes why not call the store and speak to the manager? If you explain it calmly, she will probably be spoken to about how to wear the mask correctly and how her not doing so is problematic. Calling headquarters could result in stricter consequences for her. Considering 51M Americans are out of a job right now, I think you should react in the calmest way possible. You don't know how much she needs the job. If it were to happen again, then take it up higher.

Stop shaming Anne for doing the right thing. Who are you to judge? Besides, if the sheep at the window really wanted to keep her job, seems like she would and could follow a simple rule. You are right about one thing, many people out of there are plenty of unemployed people who would gladly take this ignorant cow's job. #FuckAntiMaskers

I had an incident at Subway--not about masks but it was about Covid 19--and I reported the employee online to corporate. The manager and the owner of the store both called me to discuss the matter. Reporting to corporate can be the better option because for some managers, it is easier to say that the matter will be taken care of and do little or do nothing. Of course, reporting to corporate offices does not guarantee action, as well, but in the two times i have filed such complaints, it did.

I was more annoyed by your observation that she was muttering under her breath about "my freedom". I would've yelled at her for that. The fact that she's a moron goes without saying, but it probably sucks working there. I would never ask for a manager to complain about an employee.

@Flowerwall If she needs the job that bad, she’ll do what’s required of her at work. Wearing a mask isn’t up for debate. And she should not be huffing and puffing in front of a customer. I agree with @AnneWimsey ... maybe contact the manager AND DD HQ.

Perhaps her job should be given to one of those 51M who are out of work. I am sure one of them would be willing to wear the mask. Part of the maturation process is learning that sometimes you have to do things you don't agree with. If the job requires a mask, the job requires a mask. And especially in this case, where the wearing of a mask is such a simple thing and not wearing one could have serious consequences. Just for the sake of defiance. Seriously she needs to take her little ass home and let an adult do the job.

The contact info on the slip is an email addy to their headquarters,so I have no choice....when I posted this I ASSumed there was a phone number on the ship, but noooooo

@Fred_Snerd "speak to the manager" Is that a song title too? The other one, the song you posted, I don't know if I heard it before. Not everyone is that way though, maybe they will listen and take customer concerns seriously. It should start there.

@Fred_Snerd, @AnneWimsey

I would but the only contact info on the sales slip is their email to headquarters... the owners are franchisees, think

@barjoe as I drove off I yelled "bitch"! Does that count?


Good for you. Her job isn’t a right.

MarkWD Level 7 July 18, 2020

She can be free.... At home!!


I understand your frustration you did well for yourself, and for myself currently if I don't make it I won't be consuming it. 😉


Be careful, some of these " I won't wear a mask" people are several bricks short of a full load. But I agree with you.


As you should..smh


My city has decreed that everyone in public places must wear masks. I went to Walmart yesterday and everyone was wearing a mask, but a few, mostly men, did not have their noses covered. All employees did have their noses covered. In the future, when I see an employee with the nose uncovered or the mask lowered to their chins, I will contact management.

My sister was telling me about some of her friends saying that they would boycott Walmart for their upcoming requirement to wear masks. No, they won't. And besides, where I live, they would have to wear masks anywhere they go.

Good for you, Anne!

I can think of a lot of reasons to boycott Wal-Mart. Mask policy is not one of them.

@barjoe I worked at Walmart for two years and the only job I had that was worse was working for a sheriff's department. However, Walmart is within ten minutes in two directions from my house and I am lazy, so I buy groceries there--and at Aldi as one is close.

@Gwendolyn2018 I like Aldi. Cheap prices and nice produce. There's new store called Lidl that I like. I don't like Wal-Mart, never buy food there. I used their pharmacy when I didn't have health insurance, they are much cheaper for out of pocket. CVS and Walgreen are thieves.

@barjoe i agree!

@barjoe Never heard of Lidl. Aldi does have nice produce and at a better price--I buy most of mine there.

@Gwendolyn2018 Lidl is another German company they aren't in as many markets as Aldi yet. PA, DE, GA, NJ, NC, SC and VA


Well, today is, in the least here, it's part of Health And Safety practices. Here the employee would have been or reprehended by her manager or even be disciplined, in the least a warning before getting to the point of being dismissed. You did well.


The time will be on your receipt and they should have cameras.

And I made sure her name was on the receipt, not the guy who made my coffee after I complained


I have seen that so many times. I don't understand their thought process.

I know either refuse to wear a mask or wear it properly! Passive-aggressive BS!

@AnneWimsey Did you see the woman that cut a hole in the front of hers?

@BufftonBeotch not even bothering with the "passive" part.......


Good for you!

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