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What is the craziest conversation that you have had upon meeting someone in a bar/club(or other situation)?

Years ago, I was recently single and out with friends. Not necessarily looking to meet anyone but just getting back into the swing of things.

This woman catches my eye as I noticed her looking at me a few times so I venture over and talk to her.

After Hello's and whatnot, she proceeds to tell me this was her first time out in a club and that she had just separated from her husband. That he kept her in the house, abused her mentally, physically and sexually (in some detail). And that her friends thought it would be good for her to get out and meet someone new. I stammered out the question of why would you put up with something like that and she said, "that's how I thought relationships were supposed to be".

Surprisingly, by that time, my drink was empty and I excused myself and walked to the bar. I then went over to her group of friends and suggested that they keep a close eye on her and that she shouldn't be out and telling people that because some idjit might take advantage of her emotion state.

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Anytime I ever went to a bar I met a woman who was only there the first time.


I watched this lady sitting at a bar and accepting drinks from guys. Later on her husband came over and took her back to the table. The bar tender said she does this every night. The husbands out of work.


Seven years ago trying to meet professionals I joined a singles group out of Boston called Events and Adventures. We had all kinds of activities to choose from and one night I went to a club at Faneuil Hall for food, drinks and dancing. I had been in the group for a few months and made friends with some people. I was hanging out on the edge of the dance floor getting ready to dance with my friend John when this nerdy young guy started talking to me. I begrudgingly stopped dancing with John and started talking to this much younger college profesor from Tufts named Geoff. We were having a good conversation and his phone buzzed and he apologized he had to leave. Weird guy I thought. A month later we ran into each other again at a multiplex movie theatre going to separate movies. Long story short he got my number and asked me out. He was 25 years younger than me. We had lots in common despite and a strange chemistry. We started a relationship as he traveled to China, moved to California and then Washington, DC Turned to friendship 3 years ago - all from meeting this guy in a bar..

That's the best experience here so far.

Been alone since then. Making lots of friends here.


Had a similar experience that you had, except the woman I conversed with was quite a few years older than me.


Wow. I've only been to a bar once or twice with a close friend. Once to the club with an ex co-worker. Never again will I go to a club.


I had lived in California for a long time the weird stories could fill an encyclopedia.

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