14 8 ad from Facebook. I only read one comment and was frustrated enough not to continue reading them.


NothinnXpreVails 8 Apr 6

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I guess since this posted here, comments have changed.


I kept reading , their posts and replies are hilarious. My favorite is the dude that wrote, 'Agnostics and Atheists try to make Trump & company look sensible'. heh-heh-heh!


ok so it sucked me in 4 a fellow said something along the lines of he doesnt get how someone could except something as unfathomable as time as real but not a i tried 2 explain that time was indeed fathomable, and ended up suggesting a tutor. i told him my 15 year old son tutors on the subject along with a few others...lmao i knew i never should have looked! but it was worth the laugh, so thank u 4 posting!

Byrd Level 7 Apr 7, 2018

How brainless! the bulk of comments, I mean... 😟


Eh, screw Facebook.


If you are trying to stay calm and happy, my advice is to skip the comments.

Or just skip facebook.


The ad is how I found this place...not everyone recognizes golden they see it, too bad so sad for them.


I saw one too just awhile ago. Pretty nauseating. Didn't have the stomach to read them all again. (I've seen them before & they bring out the nutters)


One commenter named Joe Kent writes: "How romantic! ... holding hands as they enter HELL together ..."

there are some seriously rabid ppl on that.

@Qualia A chip off the old block (Yawheh).


why people are joining?


I have read a few of those. It is educational to me but I am educated enough now



Oh wow. Those comments were quite frightening.


It is rather pathetic. Their supposedly Christian moral compass is pressing them to denigrate anything that goes against their narrowminded worldview.


No need in getting yourself frustrated.

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