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The overwhelming selfishness of the conservative, Republican, American capitalistic philosophy. []

Mr. Holtz, a former coach at Notre Dame and other colleges, who grew up in northeast Ohio and played football at Kent State University, said during an appearance on Fox News that football players should assume pandemic risks as if they were fighting in a war.

“When they stormed Normandy, they knew there were going to be casualties — there were going to be risks,” Mr. Holtz said. “Young people, they think it’s like cancer. They think they’re going to die.”

Football players equate to the soldiers at Normandy. Conservative republicans have lost all sense of decency and humanity.

linxminx 8 Aug 13

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Holtz is as demented as BidenS down from their glory years 30 years ago when I spoke with them in Iowa....Joe Junior eulogized both Strom Thurmond and Edwin Moore Kennedy....INGERSOLL of all Atheists was quoted by Joe on "courage" by Kennedy.... the PROBLEM is not blueRED redBLUE duopoly....the problem is greed zionism and our nation controlled by billionaires....TrumpOLINI is actually a renegade poorest of most billionaires doing exactly what WallStreet banksters want doing what ObushaObombney was told to do....he is just a. Clumsy ignorant oaf in a job needing the genius of WWW.HOWIEHAWKINS.US peace through Green jobs


Conservatives like to make idiotic comparisons...


College Football is big business. For many cities it's the #1 industry. Notre Dame football is the largest employer in South Bend. Ann Arbor without Michigan football is a ghost town. Lou Holtz is worried about money. He doesn't care about these kids, our military. What an insult to those who gave their lives so we could live free! My father was at Utah beach. I Holtz he gets infected. That's right. I do.

If big time college football programs expect their players to sacrifice as if Covid was like fighting a war, then I think that's also a hell of an argument that it's also time that the players had a union and got paid fairly for what they contribute to the money machine.

@TomMcGiverin I agree at this point college athletes should get paid. I don't think college or professional athletes should compromise their safety or that of their families. I take the Normandy reference personally tho.



bobwjr Level 10 Aug 13, 2020

Yeah, in aussie we've isolated all our footy players so that they all know that they, and everyone else they play against, are virus free. There were a couple of selfish ones that violated the "bubble", but they were immediately suspended. As much as they get paid, no-one should have to risk their life, in a civilian job, nor risk passing a deadly disease to their family.

And that’s why you need others. As a past US Marine... you’re welcome.

@CourtJester I'm aussie, and ex military. Your people should thank you

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