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Sure you really want total freedom?


Freedom is a noble word
When used poetically
Conveying that the soul of man
Constrained will never be.

Freedom has another sense
Elusive to translate
Where freedom means its opposite
As now I hereby state.

When you buy a camera
Which brags its "Focus Free"
It means it's cheap and basic and
Good shots you'll seldom see.

You spot some super software
It says the download's free
But, later, it says "activate"
And then there is a fee.

A "free lunch" means your supper
May have a cost you rue.
For in return for luncheon snack
The dinner bill's on you.

Yes. Freedom has a double edge
And when you're truly free
There's no one after you.
You trade security.

If you think I'm cynical;
My words belike you not,
Remember too that freedom means
You're free to call them rot!
©Petter Finne.

Petter 9 Aug 31

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Good Peter,
You rhyme so well.
You from a poet,
I could not tell.

Lunch I buy !
Its very nice for me,
To come on here,
And get a poem for free.




that word "free" . . . hmmm

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