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Watch Kenosha Trump supporter/gunman, Kyle Rittenhouse, punch a woman weeks before the protest. Not so innocent per Trump's defense at his press conference today. Agree/Disagree??? Went to Kenosha to start trouble and shot 2 people.

sassygirl3869 9 Aug 31

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Working link to the story.

Thanks Julie.

Youtube is working hard at removing this video by the looks of things, that link now does not work! This was working after I did a searched for it . . .


Seems like law and order is reserved for a select few. So if the guy gets convicted will mr law and order pardon him?


trumps “people” are cleaning up for little Kyle the murdering monster!


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The page you requested does not exist or has moved.


@sassygirl3869 Not really, it could have been taken down for legal reasons ahead of the trial. Defence will claim it is not possible to get a fair jury who have not been perjudiced by seeing things like that. Actually they probably still will, and he will be set free on that technicality to the joy of the extreme right.


He's a thug

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