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A harrowing report on a raped, pregnant, ten year old girl.


Petter 9 Aug 31

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DAMMIT! I'm reminded of a very small, very terrified girl who came to us Planned Parenthood. She couldn't speak English and was delivered to us by a social worker. I held her hand/hugged her while she had an abortion...and I was so happy to do it! After who-the-hell-knows-what-she' the very least, she didn't have to carry/deliver a child!

Babies should not be having babies, and men who rape babies deserve a special place in hell. Damn, there is no hell. They deserve to be castrated without anesthesia, every damn day!

@HippieChick58 I know---and to think that the hypocritical ''godly'' would have forced a pregnancy to continue in her very small body just made me LIVID!


Sorry, I can't even read stuff like that, It would break my heart and make me mad, and my anxiety is sky high anyway. 5 years ago I would have read it. 5 years ago we didn't have Bunker Bitch and I didn't have granddaughter.

The main points you have to know, so as not to read the sorry details, is that she did get an abortion. But that she had to cross a state border, aided by her grandmother, to do so, because a judge and the doctors in her own state were too intimidated to award her one there, despite it being legal.

@Fernapple Thank you!!

@Fernapple We routinely get patients who have come to us because abortion is deliberately difficult in their home States. We've had a patient from GUAM...(US govt terr...don't you dare think about abortion.) It's infuriating to think that these women's lives will be forever impacted by the religious myths of smug theists!

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