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  • Rep C lay Higgins of Louisiana threatens to shoot armed protesters -I'd drop any 10 of you. - Time to remove this racist from the House!!!!! WTF!!!!!
sassygirl3869 9 Sep 2

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For some reason Higgins doesn't imagine the armed protesters shooting back ?

TO_BY Level 7 Sep 3, 2020

Leading by example?

"Being a violent fuckwit for dummies" by C lay Higgins?


So if I see he has a gun, he goes to hold, Can I shoot him as he has warned me he will do this to me. Any one else with a gun can now shoot him as he has threatened all of us.


Should we support armed protesters on either side?

If you are carrying a gun, you are no longer a protester you are part of a militia.
It has been clearly shown that protestors can defend themselves with defensive measures, shields, masks, leaf blowers etc.
America needs to get rid of this stupid idea that firearms are weapons of defense, they are not, they are instruments of attack, and despite the old maxim "the best form of defense is a good offense" it still stands, one cannot defend oneself with a gun, one can only attack first.

Absolutely right. Armed protesters are criminals.

not armed protesters. Most aren't armed fortunately.


It's time to all Repubs over the age of 50 to be voted out. . Since there minds are stuck in the early 19th century.

Democratic leaders in the House are two decades older than Republican leaders.

The average age of the Democratic House leadership is 72 years old, whereas the average age of Republican House leadership is 48 years old. This trend continues in House committee leadership with Republican chairmen averaging 59 years old and ranking Democrats averaging 68 years old.


Currently there are 48 Senators are over the age of 65. They include these Democrat old bones:

  1. Dianne Feinstein, 87 years, (June 22, 1933 – Present)

Currently there are 147 Representatives are over the age of 65, they include these old Democratic greedy fools

  1. Bill Pascrell, 84 years, (January 25, 1937 – Present)
  2. Grace Napolitano, 84 years, (December 4, 1936 – Present)
  3. Eddie Bernice Johnson, 85 years, (December 3, 1935 – Present)
  4. Nancy Pelosi, 80 years, (June 3, 1987 - Present)

Why don't they retire and drop dead?

@St-Sinner Because they want to be sure they are replaced with nice fresh young comrades who are going to take away your churches and make you pray to statues of Stalin. 😮

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