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15 months ago I formed a group based upon Roy Plumley's 1941 radio programme concept "Desert Island Discs".


We seem to have a fair number of site members who enjoy music but sadly most are either too shy, too busy, or too ADD to share their favourite top ten pieces of music.

The rules are not hard - simply & then link each entry in your post to a Youtube or other non paying subscription net reference so that we can all enjoy your faves & better understand you & your musical choices.

You are not limited to just one listing! If you have wide tastes you may wish, on separate days to present one list for pop, one for classical, one for jazz etc. or even in subgroups of a main group eg. My top ten Beethoven compositions are . . . Next day - My top ten Bach compositions are . . . Equally as time passes & new material is written / heard or your tastes modify you may wish to write a new top ten. Please do but cross reference back to your previous lists.

So please come & enjoy, contribute and strengthen the bonds of unbeliever's mateship.

"Desert Island Discs"

FrayedBear 9 Sep 5

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" Dessert" Island? That idea takes the cake!

My thoughts too. Two scoops, please!
We'll just call that a typo. 😉 I make plenty of those.
Reminds me of the perennial confusion people have between "to" and "too" or "lose" and "loose"

@Krish & @MikeInBatonRouge Thank you for your contributions.


I kind of don't feel like you would appreciate my taste in music.

Lol. I'm only the moderator. Many or in fact most of the current members do not share my tastes, it doesn't matter -your choce is yours & we are not her to criticise other perhaps say " I prefe the Elvis version to Johnny Cash's" - that's personal preference not criticism or insult.
Yu wnt peope to know you? - Share the information you may be surprised at how many are swye to your preferences & how many are already there.


Can it be any style of music?

Garf Level 7 Sep 6, 2020

Of course. This is about you & your preferences! Anyone trying to tel you that you shouldn't or couldn't like that music please refer them to me & they will be given a roasting.


My mom loved that show. Many a Sunday ironing session was accompanied by Roy. It would take me a long time to distill my favourites down to a top 10.

I think that you have about 4 or 5 days to eit your post. But don't forget you cando itas "my to ten favourite from Charlie Pride/ Harry Belafonte/Elvis/Beethoven/ Motown ondifeent days. Also in 3 months one ortwo faves may have been replaced so keep a coy of your original post so that all you need to do is a quick eit not a complete rewrite & recovery of URLs!

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