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I don't like trump but I would never threaten violence over it. I am disgusted though by the disrespect for our flag shown by turning the flag into a blanket that comes out of the back of a bear.

Lorajay 8 Sep 7

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The word 'respect' is, IMO, overused/misused.
IMO, liberty/patriotism should allow any/all behavior(s) towards the US flag.

Few complained when Barbara Bush wore an American-flag-themed scarf.


I find Trump’s pandering to the flag (doing everything but humping it when he comes on stage) to be more disgusting than if he stepped on it, which would actually more represent what he has done to the country his whole life. I have great affinity for the men and women who sacrificed their lives in defense of our Constitution and the values it espouses. A flag is a piece of cloth, often as not made in China and far too often used to inflame hatred and excuse atrocities committed while waving it. Watch the Trump boat parades and notice how it is flown proudly right next to the Confederate and Trump flag by people who would like nothing better than to scrap the Constitution in favor of white apartheid.




I’m confused. The story shows a photo of a bear I don’t see a flag...??? And btw, I am from the generation that burned the flag in protest of the Vietnam war. I have no issues with people denigrating the flag as a matter of protest against this nation’s policies.

At the end of the commercial the actress pulls a flag blanket out of the bears back. It continually disgusts me that these people who claim to be such patriots consistently disrespect the rules for the flag. Meanwhile they yell and scream about a young man who kneels instead of salutes.

@Lorajay and these are the same people who were American flag bikinis and shit like that.


Just looks like a pajama case Teddy Bear to me. An ugly one true, but there is no accounting for taste.

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