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Facebook stops French man streaming his dying days


FearlessFly 9 Sep 7

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I feel for the man and hope he can find a platform to stream to so that others understand what people are asking for. This is not a angsty teenager who is struggling to cope with their life this is a person whose disease is crippling and fatal and robbing them of living a life. People should have the right to choose. It is a pity he can not get to Switzerland to see Dignitas.


Sounds like it might draw the wrong crowd anyway, too many of us already know what it’s like to have a loved one die in excruciating pain 🙁


I’ve never understood Governments not allowing its citizens to take their own lives if they are suffering from an incurable illness. We show mercy to our animals with Euthanasia, but refuse the same mercy to human beings who are suffering.


Facebook is a grave yard of older peoples accounts that are dead.



Not right


He needs a domain with pay per view live screen for fetishists.


We have MAiD (medical assistance in dying) here in Canada since 2016.My sister's friend,a physician,was primary caregiver to her mother who died of brain cancer and then she was diagnosed with it also and she chose this option.She died peacefully at home with friends and family of her own hand with pills she got at a pharmacy.

In the US, there appears to be an assumption that anyone considering MAID to first have to convince others that mental illness not be involved, EVEN in circumstances of obvious terminal illness. 😟

@FearlessFly I just went and read the link for Health Canada and even people with mental illness can do this.Just a few more doctors is all.I know for a fact that everyone must see two different psychiatrists before it is approved.Also a fatal illness is not always required,pain would count and quality of life.I am a big believer in this and being a manic depressive I would never want someone using my mental health against my choices.

I have not been keeping up to date on assisted death here. Last I read you had to be conscious to give the doctor permission to push the plunger. So they have changed it so you can use pills now? I love that.

@MsHoliday I just phoned my sister (a retired nurse) who lives now with my other sister.From what she knows of my other sister's friend who used MAiD you have to have a diagnoses but exceptions are made for non lethal diagnoses.The person must be found to be of sound mind (again there are exceptions for mental illness) then be seen by two physicians.
Then arrangements are made with a pharmacy and the client must go themselves and sign for it.The pills must be taken by the client themselves with no assistance.This is the part I am not sure about because she was a physician herself (a rocket surgeon we used to say, both a surgeon and preciously in Aerospace engineering,a beautiful,intelligent woman).
I believe you can do it without a doctor present.Arrangements are made with a hospital and funeral home.I know my sisters friend was an atheist. []

@actofdog Thank you so much. All really good information, and I book marked it for future reference.

And yet in the US anyone can go out and buy a gun and end their own life violently and apparently no one has a problem with that. I believe there is also evidence that many single person car wrecks are just people committing suicide for some reason. In my region trains also seem to me a very common means to end a life.

For sure not all people who commit suicide have a terminal illness - I haven't seen or looked for statistics on the ratio and obviously people in hospital or otherwise incapacitated do not have or may not wish for those options but apparently society seems to think guns, cars, bridges, and trains are okay but medically assisted suicide... Oh that's terrible!

Maybe the way to get euthanasia accepted in the US is just brand it as "medically assisted shooting" - with a drug gun.

That’s great, hopefully other more reluctant governments will start to follow suit. Death with dignity is something that should be afforded everyone. When more people stop treating others as cash flow and like fellows instead the world will be better. Sadly a lot of people are unwittingly supporting the problems.

@MsHoliday Depends on the state in the US. My mom lived in Washington where death with dignity is legal, but her doctor refused the death pills. He said 1 in 10 people in her condition with liver failure lived for a few months more on a particular medication, so she technically wasn’t terminal. She basically told him to screw himself, and she refused all medication for her liver and heart issues, entered hospice, and was dead in a week. I respect her decision. A friend in Oregon has had metastatic cancer for 4 years and keeps having to get more biopsies to prove she’s getting worse. I’m not sure at what point she’ll get the death pills but 3 doctors have to agree she’s sufficiently close to death to qualify.

@actofdog for all the amazing tools and technology we have in the US Healthcare system, we utterly fail at managing death. It's truly sad and something that needs to change.


I don't disagree with this. It's not the appropriate platform for legalization of assisted suicide advocacy and is potentially harmful for anyone struggling with mental illness and suicide ideation to watch.

. . . NO one is required to watch (anything) on FB. 😮

@FearlessFly nor is FB required to allow things that go against their community standards.

I disagree. People with intractable mental illness should be allowed to die voluntarily too. Mental illness can be just as painful as any other illness and people here shouldn't be denied the opportunity to talk about ending the pain. I for example have found no real help from counseling, have tried many therapists and receive limited help from psychiatry. Now I am also suffering from physical pain that would require that I become addicted to opiods to find relief other than the small relief I get from cannabis which is very expensive and not paid for by medicare or medical assistance.

@Theresa_N I'm not sure what you're disagreeing with, as the article isn't referring to a man with mental illness, he has a terminal medical condition. I should also probably note that I am a huge proponent of death with dignity, I simply don't think it is appropriate to live feed it on facebook. That being said, the biggest problem with allowing it for mental illness is the issue of informed consent and determining the mental capacity to make that decision for oneself.


just loaded new Internet security, every time I click on fb......."threats detected"

Yes, the new software works well. 😉

FB is malware, it mines your data every time you use it.

@Theresa_N and nothing online is secure (CIA, get a big mangy rabid dog up ya 😀)

@Theresa_N I was on the phone with apple yesterday for an hour deleting 3 serious malwares that she detected. If you're on the 'net you probably have malware or viruses.

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