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Well then, heard from an ex recently asking about some personal possessions which I gave away after asking kindly what he would like me to do with them. I was told "tip the stuff", however I lovingly re-homed the stuff. So almost 5 months later he wants his stuff back. Crikey mate thinking it's a little late in the day...... or am I wrong here?

FaerieLaura 3 Apr 8

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My ex-fiancé left me two months before our wedding in order to be with my ex-best friend. He stiffed me five months rent on our shared lease when he left. He took some of my stuff (most of my tools, and gifts he gave me during our relationship). He also left behind his baby blankets. Hand made by his mother and grandma. He frequently spoke of how important they were to him.

I tried to give them back once, but my condition was that he pay me half of one month’s rent in exchange for them and he refused. So now I’m stuck with them. It’s been 3 years. I never talk to him or see him, but those stupid blankets haunt me. I have almost donated them several times, but each time I think of the women who made them with love, and I can’t. On the other hand, you’d think if he cared that much he’d have tried harder to get them back. If I still had contact with his mom I’d send them to her, but, she made it clear during the breakup that she took her son’s side and we don’t talk either.

I know I should donate them, but it’s just really hard to do something that final. I’d hate if someone did that with my keepsakes.

so.... do you still have them?


This seems very common. You're definitely in the right. No expectation that you'll store his stuff for free just cause.


No, you're absolutely in the right. Sounds like he'll just have to suck it up and get over it.


I think he was after something else but used his possessions as a reason to contact you and now he's done it again.


So sad...but it's gone! If you ask...and it wasn't picked up, you are not expected to store stuff, for an ex. Now, it may be a disappointment to him, but...and, it could be an excuse for trying to reconnect?


What does tip the stuff mean?

Tip it into the trash bin. Throw it away.

@Meep70 oh well he had no valid argument.


Agreed. My ex refused to take stuff he left here when I offered it3 separate times after our divorce. Because he “didn’t have anywhere to put it.” He also left me with a bunch of debt. Finally I decided since he has screwed me with his debt I am not obligated to be his free storage unit and started tossing stuff.


You did the right thing and now there is nothing you can do, or need to do. That’s crazy.

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