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Do you think the Amish be should not required to wear masks do there belief system? It's required that everyone wears one at my work place. Another customer got my face over it and told me that they are not required to do so, because of religious beliefs and this is America. Should he been arrested for getting up in my face about it?

freedom41 9 Sep 9

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Religion should never be a reason to not follow the law.


It's been reported that the Amish communities in Ohio have largely been complying with mask mandates. But keep in mind the Amish are not a united group.

I gathered that from other posts. However not surprised by it.


Are there Amish at your workplace? Why argue nonsense?

They come in ocassinaly. It's the "patriot" that came to there defense is what caused the problem. You make a good point.


Of course those religious fanatics should wear masks in public. If they can’t handle the ways of society, they should remain apart from it. In fact, I thought that was their game to begin with? Maybe give em a swift kick to the ass!

Varn Level 8 Sep 9, 2020

The Amish have no religious mandate against mask that I am aware of. What state? What bishop? As @barjoe says, in Lancaster they are certainly wearing them at their businesses and when at other businesses.

Idea - start taking their pictures - that they have a mandate against in their religious beliefs.

I live Illinois. Apparently the one who live here think it applies to here group.

@freedom41 I would start picture taking of the dicks to post online.


I was in Lancaster back in July. I saw Amish wearing masks, I was surprised. If a customer gets in my face, I show them the door.


Why the hell should they be? This is the US (only one part of the America's) but people don't have the right to endanger others.


Mask it or casket. Magic won't protect anyone from getting covid. I believe it should be mandatory to wear a mask in public.


Masks are stupid. Absolutely no one should be required to wear one. If you are scared, it should be your responsibility to stay the hell home and away from society.
I’m not Amish, but it’s not my responsibility to make you feel safe. It’s 100% yours.

Automobile laws are stupid, and no one should be required to follow them. If you are scared of driving on the road with drunks, having others run red lights, uninsured drivers, and dickholes who think that they own the road since they pay taxes, just stay the hell home and away from the roadway. I'm not Amish, but it's not my responsibility to make you feel safe on the highway. It's 100% yours.

@AtheistInNC did you previously wear a mask everywhere you went for people going through Chemo?
Did you previously request that your doctor wear a mask to walk In the room for a checkup?
Or did you get your reasoning from some liberal media outlet to teach you your ‘new normal’?
Life’s about choices.

@CourtJester You're far from funny. You're also selfish and uncaring.

You walk on sidewalks, stop at the crosswalk? Stop at red lights? Wear a seat belt? Comply with "no shirt, no shoes, no service"? Carry car/homeowners insurance?
But you have no problem spraying your nasal secrtions all over anybody nearby, and the adjoining surfaces...and endangering the lives of minimum-wage employees who have No Choice but to touch those things you contaminated? What a man!

@CourtJester You are not very good at math, are you?

@CourtJester I choose not to watch Fox News. Fearmongering idiots that are paid to lie. Greed makes men do bad things to other men.

@Lorajay I am

@TheMiddleWay There is a bit of a difference. We don’t swim every single day and aside from a flash flood or jumping in a pool, swimming is ‘more times than not’ a person choice. Life is about choices and the consequences are your own to enjoy or suffer.
It is not my responsibility to jump into the water and risk my life because you didn’t learn how to swim.
Putting yourself at risk in the water is 100% you decision. Saving you from your choice is not a requirement of mine.


I shop at a Mennonite store regularly. All the employees wear masks. My Amish egg providers do not, but they are at home when I interact with them. I wear a mask since I carry the risk of infection. I wear a mask everywhere outside my home, even if checking my post office box.

I wish everyone would where one. It would slow down this pandemic.

@freedom41 I am with you!


Sadly and Unfortunately, imo, the Western World has gone truly 'over the edge' with all of this Political Correctness, etc, etc.
Especially, for example, with the "Protecting of the Freedoms, etc, of Religions and Religious Minorities, etc, " imo.
In this day and age where Covid-19 is running, virtually rampant, through the human population should NOT ALL religious Freedoms, etc, be put aside for the Good of the WHOLE?

I couldn't have said it better. You hit the nail on the head.


Yes he should have been in a more perfect America but I'm sure he wasn't.

Very few business owners want to alienate their customers for any reason.

We have to alert a supervisor over at the big store. I work a super Wal Mart type, at the gas station. by the time we had time to call 911, the crazy ass was gone.


I live in a part of Ohio close to an Amish community I also deal with Amish businesses, two in the last month everybody in there was wearing a mask the door said wear a mask or don't come in. They're also getting into solar power . 😉

Apparently the ones in Illinois don't want to do what ones in Ohio are doing.

The Ohio Amish communities seem to be complying. And, yes, they've had to embrace some modern tech.

@freedom41 like covid-19 stupidity knows No boundaries.

@Fletch the strobe lights in the LED lighting on the buggys definitely helps


I'd advise those people, if they're claiming to be Amish, to get more in tune with their own communities because the Amish in Ohio and Pennsylvania are indeed wearing masks when NOT on their own properties/homes or are required to interact with other communities. Also, there are a slew of Amish women making reusable masks for sale and for free to those who can't pay, to help with with spread.

Seeking medical help, as the Amish rarely do, is a whole lot different than simply ignoring what MAY help keep them safe. We're not asking them to take oxycontin, we're telling them they'll survive better if wearing masks when in the company of people outside of their own communities.

(Unlike most Americans, the Amish hold the "good of the community" at a much higher standard than the "good of the individual"....they're NOT stupid and they certainly don't want to mass bury one another. Just sayin'.)

There are 100s of articles on this subject. Here are some of the Google results:

In part:
*“When things first came out and were sounding scary, we limited gatherings, and church services were changed to a limited size,” he said. “But now as the county heads back to normal, church services have as well.”

*Thomas G. Ford, commercial horticulture educator through Penn State Extension, has been working with the Amish community in Blair County since 1995. He said Penn State Extension has developed a “significant level of trust” in this community over the years, acting as a source for agricultural questions and other topics as needed.

On a recent trip to two local Amish farms, Ford discovered that those in the community who interact with customers have been using masks and following social distancing practices. He said because the Amish hold the good of the community over the needs of the individual, they will adhere to guidelines from the government to protect families and those outside the community they encounter.



Etc., etc.

Very good, thank you. 😉


No one's religious beliefs should exclude them from taking whatever actions are determined to be in the best interests of the public health.
I don't care if they think their god will save them from whatever, they don't have any right to
endanger anyone else. Period.

If the person who got in your face touched you in any way, then it's assault.
If it's just a verbal confrontation, not assault.
Although, your employer (if they were present for the confrontation) should have bounced
that piece of shit right out the door and told them not to come back.

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