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The thing that gets me the most about religious people who keep saying Thank you Jesus, for all they have been given, did they not read the bible????
Jesus WAS A JEW!!!!!!! Yet catholics and christians all pray to him, so surely that makes them jewish, not catholics or christian, also, the muslims believe in Jesus as the prophet of Mohammed, so that surely makes THEM jews, too.
Not forgetting that the Torah, the first religious text, was written by, wait for it, an Israelite called Abel, son of Abraham, brother of Cain, who read it, copied and reworded it as the Qu'ran, then MURDERED his own brother, and the bibles were just interpretations of the Torah as well.

Adrian1664 4 Sep 12

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You are correct. Martin Luther still believed that the Jews killed Jesus and it appears that Mel Gibson agree with him. WTF?


gotta give the Jews credit for not buying into any of that nonsense.


The FIRST 5 books of the O.T., the Pentateuch, were taken directly from the Hebrew Torah as per the decision/s made at the First Council of Nicaea in 325 C.E. (A.D) which called together at the request of Emperor Constantine of Rome.
The rest, plus the N.T., was created by Scribes on, what were then knowns as 4 separate 'continents', with no means of communication such as we have today.


Who says religion has to make any sense , I prefer fairy tales with me getting laid

bobwjr Level 10 Sep 12, 2020

IF jesus existed, he was a jew. Any objective evidence for jesus?


@Adrian1664 You are seriously mixed up there fella, apart from the fact Jesus was possibly a Jew, if he existed at all, even given that you are talking about myths almost every word of this post is mistaken, ill informed or just misunderstood.


@Adrian1664 Religion is all bullshit, but...everything you wrote is not logical or based on any text at all. Do you have any reference for this or are you just making this stuff up? It seems to me like you pulled it out all out of your ass.


Of course they are Jews; just a body of 'off-shoot' sects. Islam also has Abrahamic roots. Then there are the Messianic Jews who also endorse Jesus and the 'Trinity'.


None of that shit happened and there is no archeological proof that this Jesus person ever existed.

SCal Level 7 Sep 12, 2020

You've got some of your bible history back asswards. I at one time attended a Jews for jesus group. They had an interesting perspective on the new testament with their own bible and all using jewish names instead of the christianized ones and pharisees for any reference to jews in the gospel of john. Way to pro-Israel for me at the time (still would be if I had any interest in religion).


References please !

Nader Level 6 Sep 12, 2020

We do not actually know what Jesus or Mohamed said or stated everything written about them is at a minimum two generations later!!!

History belongs to the victor!!!

Never the absolute Truth!!!

Who cares what some fraudulent men wrote to control you & your kind over 1500 & 2000 years ago!!!

What about Martin Luther?

Joan of Arc?

Jim Jones?

Gandi the father, son grand daughter?

Ronny Reagan?

There are so many individuals that can be listed here, if only they actually did everything factually that is real that the writings can actually uphold as truth in reality we now live in!!!


What the fuck is this shit? Abel son of Abraham? Abel murdered Cain? Abel wrote the muslim Qoran? Did you just come out of an Ayahuasca trip dude?

Yeah -- Cain killed Abel with the leg of a table
My earliest religious history lesson.


Jesus said that giving the message of god to none Jews, meaning inherited Judaism thought the traditional female line, was like giving the children's food to swine, (could have been dogs, memory fails a little.). It was st Paul and later converts who went against that and accepted gentiles. So you could say that all the followers of Jesus today would not be recognized by him, and are false converts.

@Fernapple Some Jews are xtians, see post above.

@Theresa_N Quite. So they would be his only true followers.

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