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Anti-mask Trump death cult protested in my town.

Looks to be only about a dozen or so.

They are wanting to breathe their plague sinus mists all over everyone.

Maybe to appease them they could allow Walmart to go mask optional.

I don't shop there anyway.


BufftonBeotch 8 Sep 15

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Take a spray bottle and use it liberally in their vicinity... what are they afraid of airborne droplets?

Fill a super soaker with Germ-X.


Whackjob city


Have had the same shit happening up here …in the butthole of Virginia.. Today our Governor described ‘this region’ of VA with far faster rising rates of virus than ‘NOVA,’ Northern VA, with far more population.. Dip shits!

That was my prediction and fear several months ago; educated areas would reduce their rates … while the ‘trump zones’ would go up like wildfire 😕

Varn Level 8 Sep 15, 2020

Quite a number of retirees in the area, too.
One od the Sun City communities is here.



One of my former roommates used to be pretty non-political, but has gone all in with this death-cult cap.
Petty much Qanon now too.

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