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A cartoon in Private Eye.

Petter 9 Sep 18

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Love it, and she has always said she did not want to run.


What is Private Eye?

That’s new to me too. I didn’t feel like Googling.

@TMA2NC I looked it up. It's a British magazine

@barjoe Thanks mate!

Private Eye is the most sued magazine in the world. It is published fortnightly and carries deep articles on political misdoings in Britain, satirical commentaries and loads of cartoons. It keeps down costs by being on plain paper, without even a glossy cover. Many of the litigants who sue, claiming defamation, suddenly withdraw their complaints, after realising the paper carries evidence they would rather were not made public.
It is a bastion for freedom of the press to make authority accountable.

@TMA2NC @barjoe

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