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I do not need Money ; money needs me. My question is : how can I live a life without depending on money?

delilah 5 Apr 9

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Peace Corp
Become a public school teacher. Apparently money doesn't need school teachers.


Yes. It depends on your need to survive and what you're willing to settle for. I'm planning to move from my condo into a small RV that I own completely so that I can quit a job I don't like.


Trade and barter or as the freegans do it, scavenge. To trade you need to produce something or do a service. There are a few places that already have barter systems in place and even barter notes, creating their own money basically. Self sufficiently is another way though very hard work and you need land as a start point. This is something I am trying to work towards but am making it harder for myself by planning to do this in another country, IE France and don't even speak the language. which brings me to my final point, it is so much easier if you are not doing it alone.


First of all, I would like to thank you for your attention. I appreciate your honesty every single one of you. I can conclude that if I live among civilisation,. money is required. Perhaps I need to be a Farmer to provide not only myself ,but also the civilisation too with fruits and vegetables without money Controlling me.


A good friend of mine once said it's not how much you make, it's how much you keep.

Unfortunately, money is never what I keep nomatter how much you give me .


I don't want lots of money, to me the only thing less desirable than lots of money is lots of debt. I have found a happy mediumm. Zero debts, zero money. But by keeping my lifestyle cosst down, I do not have to earn much at all to cover them. In fact I tend to have a slight surplus unless somethign goes wrong. So I spend my life living, not earning.

Exactly my philosophy, it's freeing to have a minimum of debt and assets.

What is a surplus?


Join a commune??

Would you please elaborate ?

@delilah a place where a bunch of unrelated people live and share all of the work and resources, equally. That's the theory.


Apply for land from the BLM cut your own trees hunt and trap your own food. Grow cotton weave your own clothing. Grow crops for food.

I do not know if I have enough strength to cut of a tree since I am naturally do not have muscles of a man but a woman. However, as a woman I can plant for Start tomatoes.


Become a professional musician.

I know my voice is sooo Bad that not even the animals can stands me.

@delilah l can't sing a note. That's why l play drums, and l get to sit down all night. 🙂


You need money to breathe air because if you do not buy food and nobody gives you food it will not belong before you cease breathing air.

Have you ever heard of freegans?? It is possible to live without money, but it isn't easy

You need Air not money to breath. Air is for the moment free,unlike water, Earth and Fire. Air is only free because it is not yet controlable. The moment it is , we would be paying for breathing.


You cannot

Sure you can if you have the will , all is possible.


Simple. Just stay away from civilization. I think it’s free to camp in national parks. Hunt and forage your sustenance and build your shelter from whatever you find. If you are going to interact with or live in civilized areas, you will need money... unless you want to be beholden to someone else.

To beholden to someone else due to money is called slavery. I would rather live one single day as a free human being than thousands of years as a Slave.


Move to Israel and work on a kibbutz.

May as well go work for the devil.

What is a kibbutz?

collective farm-no money-socialism


It is not possible. You will be taxed.


Be fulfilled with what you have, what you can achieve and what you have accomplished. Oh and don't compare yourself to others.
You will find a photo on my page of a short poem by Longfellow which may help you.

It is easy to say that when you do have endless debts. I am sooo screwed.

@delilah When it gets to that stage surely laws of bankruptcy apply in your country? 3 years and you are reborn? Or do you have laws that only allow companies to avoid their creditors and of course you cannot send a company to gaol. A friend knew he was dying so he simply played the system knowing that credit card debt was then insured in the event of death. He just borrowed to the max, lived, enjoyed and died. He would have loved the coroner's verdict " he died of heart infarction whilst severely intoxicated". In other words he had consumed a bottle of Johnny Walker to help bear his pain whilst supporting his addiction. I've still to learn how you can be severely intoxicated - it's a state of being you either are or you are not intoxicated.

@delilah Have you considered crowd funding?


You could let others provide for you. Makes me shudder just writing that. You could learn to do everything for yourself- very hard work. You could have a financial manager, but thta requirers much money to begin with and a constant source of income. Sorry, that's all I know.

I would rather learn everything to do it by myself ,the hard way atleast not to be owned by anyone. I know one who provides would Controll. Therefore, I better not receive any needs to be free.Even gifts have Strings attached to it. I would not say a gift is a gift if it has Strings.

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