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What’s the most profound rebuttal you’ve gotten from a religious person in a debate/argument/conversation?

Moose42 5 Apr 9

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There is a Vedic form of athiesm and agnosticism. It is not looked down upon.


It wasn't a debate or discussion I was in, but a singer I like said, "God needs Atheists too." Speaking of people who do good works. So the God who would value the skeptics and holdouts sounds like a god I could almost believe in.


A casual believer informed me that some scientists have proven the neccessity of a CREATOR! Not a god, per se, but a creator. I forgot the source.


I've had some typical apologetic rebuttals (nothing I've never heard before) but none profound.


None, to date.

Same. I can't speak for the rest of the country but around here I don't think most people have internally challenged their own beliefs, or at least not enough to offer anything profound against atheism. When I was a believer honestly looking for answers I couldn't find a compelling argument that would convince me there was a God. Not a single one. Trust me I've looked.

@BrightTyger979 I have looked, as well.

i completely agree. I’ve never seen so much self-created ignorance as I have in the religious communities in this county/state/country. But sadly, I see a lot of that within the younger atheist people as well.


Nothing that was rational. But plenty of irrational things that might seem profound at face value, but really aren't if you give it a few minutes of thought.


I've never heard anything profound by the other side. It's always the same crap they've been spewing for centuries.

Surely if a omnipotent god existed he could easily just show himself to atheists, but I guess he chooses not to. Either that or you know...doesn't exist.

Alas, he always seems to pull one person to the side and whisper to them, and we're just supposed to go along with it.


I do not debate. It is none of my business what others believe or disbelieve. I can only make choices for myself. The choices of others cannot be "argued out of them"; people reach understanding at the time they are ready.

I wish I had the self control. Honestly. I know nothing positive ever comes of it too. I can’t stop myself.


The best rebuttal I have ever received is some form of Pascal's wager.

BD66 Level 7 Apr 9, 2018

None, most CHristian or relgious arguements come down to variations on
"Well I know its true"
"What if you are wrong?"
"You'll find out when you die"
"You'll regret saying that when you are burning in Hell"
"Feck off!"


If god isn't real, then who wrote the Bible?

You’ve had it easy, my friend!!


You're going tohave a horrible life of hell and damnation. My YMCA counselor said tome when he threw me out of camp at 15.

Sounds a lot like the Boy Scouts of America. Which may bring me to my next question for the public here to answer.

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