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I need a work from home job. Any ideas??

ashortbeauty 8 Apr 9

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Try applying at insurance companies? They're frequently looking for claims processers and speed and accuracy are very important. Some don't involve phone work.


Check out the website Rat Race Rebellion.They have a lot of good job leads.


If you have a bachelors degree and are a native English speaker you can teach English to children in China. But it is 4-8 am ew

How many days a week?

There is no limit to how much you can work. You choose your days. It is vip kids and they have advertisements on You can even work overnight if you want to.


I got into window coverings back in 1994 and have turned it into an online business since 1999 - I'm not rich but I do well enough. I can tell you that all online retailers are looking for writers with knowledge about what they're writing about because we all require unique content. We're looking for people who are capable of updating our sites to be mobile friendly and to load within 8-seconds as that is how long we have to get a customer's attention. We need artists who can create banners for us when we have promotions and these banners need to also appear differently on mobile devices vs. deskstop computers. A lot of online retailers look for freelancers that live outside the country because they receive better pricing (so much for supporting American workers) but if you're good enough and if you can develop a following - you can make it.


If you have IT skills, online help desk and phone support paid a lot of bills for me in the past, clients can be global.


Computers have got to be the way forward


Well, I think it'd be cool to be a blogger. No idea if I have the writing chops to do that, plus you have to build a following and then hope to draw in paid advertising, so unless you are able to blog for an established site and get paid by them, that ain't gonna be your ticket.

So I did a quick Google search for "work from home jobs." and this article came up: []

It talks about some legit companies offering work from home jobs (real ones), and sites that promote work from home jobs. I hope this is helpful. =]

Thank you


In all the years I've look for something to do at home to earn a decent "side gig" income, I never found anything. I agree with others, there are tons of scammers in this arena.

You said phone work is out. What are some skills besides phone related you could offer a company for at-home work?

Data analyst, integration
Webpage design
Type 100wpm 99.99% accuracy
Payroll clerk
Text support


Also lots of scam artists in this domain. So tread carefully.


I know there are call centers like liveops and ACD but I'm not looking for phone work again, if possible. It does make good money if someone else is looking though

1 you can make a little money transcribing audio/video files. Can be a little frustrating, but if you have the time and can type fast you could make $7-10/hr or so.

MrHIT Level 5 Apr 9, 2018

That's a good one. I failed the first time and have to wait 45 days to reapply

@ashortbeauty sorry to hear that. They're pretty picky with the initial test. Once you get in they're more understanding (someone always reviews your work and gives feedback)


Transportation companies need dispatchers. Small companies that work with handicapped vans are an example.


I write has not paid off as of yet. Poets like Artist work only becomes valuable after death.

This isn't entirely true. You need a couple breakout pieces. You'll never get rich writing poems unless you're willing to put them to music and have someone else perform your babies.

@HookEmChef Very true. One of the guys from my navy days wife is a songwriter for Nashville she is supposed to look at my poems. Has not gotten back to me as of yet.


I tried more than a few. One was in getting people to donate used stuff to thrift stores. They gave me a list o people to call. I put a lot of time and effort into it, my first week. And then I got my first check: I figured that I was earning 10 cents an hour. I could have done better by walking outside and finding dropped change.

I can at least tell you where not to look: if you see a classified ad that says "Work from home," steer clear.


It depends on your education and work skills. The only realistic job working from home that provides sustainable income is a medical transcriber. Which a doctor sends his notes to you and you type them up in an official document.

However, you could become a notary or do something like justice of the peace. Although, those don’t come with guaranteed income. You could try making and selling stuff from your home. But there is no, stay at home and make 20k+ a year type jobs. Otherwise everyone would be doing them.

Good luck!

There are some call centers who have people work from home but I'm not in a place to do CS again at this time

1 has a lot of jobs


Depending on where you live, you could try QVC or HSN customer service.



balou Level 8 Apr 9, 2018

Me too.. let me know when you crack it !!

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