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More BS. I can see but can not access or comment on a post in the general feed, presumably because the post also appears in the Conservative Atheists group from which I am apparently blocked even though I have never been there nor would I ever go there. If cons are going to post their lies in the general feed, they should be generally accessible.

LovinLarge 7 Sep 29

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The mods there have their brain problem 🙊✌️ Spike (originator) got me blocked without any interaction with him 😅😂 gosh! 🙈

Primarily old white men afraid of losing their marketshare of control by having to treat others fairly (which is no reflection on the fine old white men that I have met here).

@LovinLarge he is like his Idol Trump dumb Ass!


Yeah you tend to get blocked from there preemptively if they figure out your views aren't theirs.

And I agree. If they want a complete echo chamber - it shouldn't be on the main feed. (And I'd say that about any group including my own).

In fact I'd be really happy if they stayed over on Slug. It was built for them.

And yes I used to have a lot more tolerance for this lot - but they do crap like this and it's ridiculous.


Me too...

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