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Is it wrong that I did a fist-pump and shouted "YES!!!" when I read that Kayleigh McEnany has tested positive for COVID-19? I'm sorry, I shouldn't wish any disease on anybody, but she really is a loathsome person. Just watch any of her so-called press briefings (because she doesn't really provide any information) and the way she ends them with a dismissive little "You don't deserve to ask us any questions, you're the Enemy Of The People". Having her out of action even for days will be a breath of fresh air.

Could this wave of infections sweeping the Republican ranks right before the election be evidence for divine intervention after all? But no, because then I have to ask myself, where was the fucking divine intervention 4 years ago?

Paul4747 8 Oct 5

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I'm celebrating every one who gets sick, and I'll celebrate even more for each one who dies. I hope Rudy Ghouliani gets it next.


I'm with you on that because infecting the foolish is Darwin's way of cleaning out the gene pool and helping us to evolve and survive. Unfortunately COVID-19 is probably not deadly enough to move the needle at the polls towards reason - this time.

If the mortality rate had been 1 in 10 instead of 1 in 100 then the differential death rate between science denying irrational voters and science heeding rational voters would probably have been enough to give a guaranteed bump of several percent for reason - for a generation or more. But that would have been a huge amount of collateral damage and not something to wish for.


Totally loathsome. The science dismissing Trump staff deserve what they get. Hateful and racist. Let them suffer sorry.

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