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I would like to share with you the video taken during my visit to the Rio Grande River Gorge. The video was shot in May, 2017."Hike, Climb, Paddle"

This trip was a blast. It was a natural choice to visit considering we were in the area after rafting on the Lower Gorge and Racecourse portion of the Rio Grande River.

We also visited the Earthship Biotecture Museum and rode the Sandia Tramway in Albuquerque, NM.

NotConvinced 7 Apr 9

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Awesome went to the Nevada side and couldn't see much below.

this is near Taos New Mexico


It is hard for me to even walk on that bridge

@NotConvinced could you feel it move in the wind? I walked to the middle and was just short of crawling back


Had no idea this was in my backyard.

you need to drive north sometime

@btroje I do go to Las Vegas NM VA clinic.

@azzow2 and its just a few hours north of there. It is worth the ride. THe view is incredible even if going out on that bridge makes my stomach flip. We should meet at Traveler;s Cafe on the Plaza for a cuppa next time you are up. I just like to make connection with people, no expectations

@btroje I have thought of going to Durango it is like 4 hours north. It is difficult to do trips now I am a single dad my twins are only 7 years old and have no one to tend the kids. I do have to be in Las Vegas on the 20th for the doctor.

@btroje Would be cool to do that I will have the kids with me though they do not have school on Fridays.

@azzow2 the kids can go into Traveler[s or we can drink the coffee in the plaza park. THey could run around some there.If they like dogs I could bring my corgi pups

@btroje They do like animals we have 2 big dogs they have to guard our yard though they are too destructive in the house. Message me and I will give you my # My appointment is at 9 on the 20th


This looks familiar....

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