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Two interesting charts on Covid-19 from the BBC web site.

Petter 9 Oct 9

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This trend is grim, as we head toward winter when people typically spend even more time in enclosed spaces.

Worrying indeed.


Trump touts catching Covid as a blessing from God. He is infecting his supporters and coworkers, more than rational people. Evolution culls the weak and infirm.


Social distancing and mask would have helped, but many Americans are stubborn, selfish, confrontational and not well informed.
Sadly the people dead and dying aren't all from that group of ugly Americans because COVID doesn't care about politics or morality or anything else people claim to value.


In Connecticut (Northeast) masks are Expected. And there are laws, and fines......makes me feel safer & happier!
Also a 2-week quarantine for visitors, with a $2500.00 fine for ignoring it.

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