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We are all feeling COVID fatigue and desire a return to normalcy. That is not going to happen anytime soon. We can thank this Administration of ineptitude for most of that. They like to put a spin on everything, but let's dispel some Republican spin myths.

  1. There was nothing more Trump could do, we had never faced anything like this before.
    WRONG - the 1918 Spanish flu was exactly like this. In fac it was proven atvthat time that wearing a mask, social distancing, and avoiding crowds is what worked the best. More people died in that epidemic because the scientific advances were not nearly as developed as today.

  2. Obama and Biden left them nothing in order to prepare and tackle an epidemic.
    WRONG- the Obama Adminstration set up an office of pandemic preparedness, complete with a playbook and how to handle. Trump eliminated the office in 2017 because he thought it was a waste of money, because afterall, we would never see a pandemic. Plus it was created by Obama and Trump wanted to destroy anything with Obama's stamp on it.

  3. There was nothing in the national stockpile.
    WRONG- The warehouse had 16,000 ventilators in working condition. PPE was low because of the H1N1 and ebola outbreak. Coupled with a Republican Senate who refused to pass anymore spending to replenish PPE stockpiles.

  4. Trump did everything he could within his power to fight the epidemic - WRONG
    Trump enacted a travel restriction in February on China (not a ban - it was porous as 49,000 people returned from China under the supposed ban). COVID was already running rampant in New Yor, brought over from people returning fron China via Europe. It wasn't for another two-three weeks before travel from Europe was restricted.

Trump spent all February and March downplaying the virus (and according to interviews made public, knew in February the seriousness of the virus, but failed to inform the public). In this time he called the virus a "flu", a hoax, a Democratic move to impact his election chances.

He refused to enact the Defense Production Act to ramp up production of ventilators and PPE in a timely fashion under thevguise of Laissez-faire and Libertarian ideals. He was mostly just afraid the CEO's and Business community would complain. He finally exerted pressure in April, but never fully used the capability of the DPA to direct companies to produce PPE and remained always behind in producing adequate PPE.

  1. The economy couldn't have stayed shut down and had to open quickly - WRONG
    Sometimes a little pain and discomfort nets beneficial results. Had the inept Republican Governors kept the country and the economy shut down through June, the country propably could have avoided the severity of the summer spikes we witnessed. Many thousand more people would still be alive today.

  2. Lastly, as I'm getting tired of typing and there are just too many Trump and Republican sins and spins to cover. People have a Constitutional right to chose not to wear a mask.- Wrong
    In the 1906 ruling, Jacobson v. The state of Massachusetts ruling, the Supreme Court found that mandating a face mask during a health crisis was not an infringement on a perdon's First Amendment rights. That Local, State, and Federal government has the power to mandate face protection wearing if it deemed necessary to combat a health crisis (a small pox epidemic was extant at the time). That violators were breaking the law and subject to prosecution if they refused to comply.

The only excuse Trump, his Administration, and Republicans can claim is ignorance and ineptitude coupked with the greed for power.

t1nick 8 Oct 10

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That covers it all very nicely. Now watch others on here try to go backwards in time in ways that can only be labeled as a distraction while they want to defend Trump. Keep in mind that Trump and friends are the ones in power and not the others. Vote Blue.


There is enough blame to go around for both parties. You detailed some republican errors but you should also note the absolutely idiotic northern democrat policies of forcing nursing homes to take active covid19 patients which was a death sentence to many.

@t1nick Cuomo knew it was deadly and contagious. It doesn't take a fucking genius to realize forcing nursing homes to take active and infectious covid19 patients was a horrible idea.

Our state was doing great until the rioting in the cities started and then the cases exploded. Our schools have been open for 2 1/2 months with no problems. Sure ther have been a few cases here and there but no deaths. Our governor was smart enough not to force active covid19 patients into nursing homes and then shut down the whole state putting small business out of business. We protect the elderly and still give people the freedom to live their lives.


La[s]tly, as I'm getting tired of typing and there are just too many Trump and Republican sins and spins to cover.” - Thank You! Perhaps a few outside the fox-bubble will run across such info in time to ..sit on their hands… They say he’s losing older people, no doubt, both literally & figuratively.. ..what a mess 😕

Varn Level 8 Oct 10, 2020

The reason Trump is cursed to the lowest part of hell was him insisting that public schools open.
Just open them, with no modifications, kids are immune.
Which he knew was a lie.
That’s attempted mass murder.
Nothing will wash that filthy pig enough to make it human again.
There’s murderous intent here no one is offended enough over.
I want Trump to die and I’m not offended enough.

@t1nick u and I both


Mask wearing was not politicized in 1918 although there were people who refused to wear them. 100 years later we've actually taken two steps back. It's frightening. Trump is the worst possible President during a pandemic. []

@BTHT 34K flu deaths Jan-Dec 2019, 215K Covid deaths Mar-Oct 2020 possibly 10x as many deaths by Fed 2021. Not exactly the same.

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