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What if the idiot in charge didn't have covid at all ? What if the doctors were complicit in his game ? They refused to answer direct questions about his health and they got their on-camera 15 minutes of fame. What if it was a ploy to downplay covid ? After all, he's the consummate liar.

ThinkingFree 7 Oct 11

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Either way we’re sick to death of him literally. ☠️

You got that right !!


I'm starting to doubt that he actually had it. Everybody stopped talking about his taxes. His supporters believe he's superhuman. Everything he does is a stunt.


This is what I think but everyone bought MSM’s acceptance of it. They suddenly forgot he’s a pathological liar.


If so, that gamble is not paying off. From all I’m seeing.. his support is dropping…

Varn Level 8 Oct 11, 2020


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