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My neurologist maybe...I'm way too open lol. What's a weird or funny fortune cookie you've gotten?

By LadyAlyxandrea8
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Wasnt a fortune cookie but a astrology section in the newspaper. For my sign it said "beware of falling objections" and that was it. just that one line. Dunno if that person was quitting and thought theyd have fun but..there we go. (Nothing fell on me, btw)


Note to self: If Aunt Lois wants Arby' s the next time I visit, just take her to White Castle.


I have a tattoo from a fortune cookie. It says "a chance meeting with a stranger may soon change your life."

Doesn't mean for the better lmao I learned that


Your lottery number is....


@LadyAlyxandra how you doing on your levels?

I'm just over halfway there

@LadyAlyxandrea awesome. I'll keep upvoting and tagging smile001.gif

@Blindbird thank you!!!


Hope will return. Gee I didn't know it had left.

lbusche Level 7 Apr 10, 2018
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