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I posted in the Health and Happiness While we were counting the record number of votes, America broke another record: 116,000 confirmed ... as follows: "While we were counting the record number of votes, America broke another record: 116,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in 1 day." My source was a headline in the Washington Post, which has actually since been updated to 128,000. []

Since I posted it, I have twice had to edit it since I've noticed the number somehow changed to 1,000, not 116,000. Is someone editing my post, and if so, who, how, and why? What, in essence, is going on here?

Paul4747 8 Nov 6

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“The syseditor has a bug”, I would have said decades ago when I was maintaining software.

In recent days the editor has introduced several errors. I worked around them by doing a copy before I clicked on “Edit” and on “Delete” and pasted to a blank edit box.


gotta wonder why we are "counting cases" of covid anyway? Can you think of any other virus we are counting the positives of? Do you realize that "flatten the curve" implies absolutely no reduction in "positive cases," in the end, but merely stretching the timetable "so hospitals don't get overwhelmed?" Dont buy the hype, imo; all that has really happened is that 116k, or 128k whatever, no longer have to read this ridic bs every day, as like 98% of them are now immune.

yes, 3k died, and that is tragic, but guess how many were going to die anyway! 3k


Only admins can edit posts beside yourself.


I worry about the editing of posts and the changing remarks especially in the days of clicks, views, and likes. We can end up with others claiming something different than we said or done. Keep in mind that many are paid by clicks, views, and likes and that a certain amount of them means memes and remarks can be sold for profit. Usually that profit is not yours, and this is how the world works today.


Over the past few years I've become increasingly concerned about the affect we humans have had on our planet. Like all living beings, we are egocentric and instinctively do everything we can to make our lives as comfortable as possible and propagate our species.

In a way, we are like a virus. We take what we need without thought even though we are slowly killing our host and the ecosystems that allow our planet to maintain life.

As I see the efforts to stop the virus from claiming lives, I understand that need. We are each concerned about our own well being and the well being of our loved ones. None of us want our parents, siblings, other family members or friends to die from this disease.

But at the same time, I'm aware that as we use our enhanced intelligence to save our lives, we are also sentencing ourselves to eventual doom. There will be some point where we exhaust the earth's ability to provide us enough resources.

It's ironic. We have intelligence that gives us the ability to understand things beyond our simple instincts but we are still driven by those instincts. We use our intelligence to further the ends of our instincts, despite the ability to understand that it's likely to end badly.


It is really troubling in this age when we have instant access to information all over the world that people can still be in denial over a massive pandemic. It is said one should not put all their eggs in one basket but that seems to be how we access information. The information age has made a lot of people extremely myopic!!

still not sure if a flu virus that the overwhelming majority survive, and a third don't even exhibit symptoms of, can rightly be called a "pandemic?" Or at least ill say that this is the first in history, near as i can tell

@bbyrd009 It's about infection rates. If this were 1918 again things would be much worse but our technology can heal a lot more now than before.

@JackPedigo ya thats what i want, more defectives in the gene pool bc technology, yay
will people ever realize that viruses serve a vital function, do you think?

@bbyrd009 Yea, in reducing the excess population. It's still a pandemic.

@JackPedigo of stress and the resulting suicides, maybe; a virus is going to eventually "infect" the entire pop anyway, re chicken pox, mumps, measles, etc, as "flatten the curve" implies.

"New infections" is a chimera, that is followed strictly bc there are idiots eager to follow it, wadr


I have noticed what I have written is not what gets published as well. Not really sure what's going on.


The northern states where it is spiking right now went through a cold spell about 10 days ago. Scientists predicted that when winter came and everyone had to stay put indoors, we would see a wave come through. That's exactly what is happening. The cases are spreading through family contact. Cold weather = staying indoors around family and friends = the spread of Covid.

I predict we will see another wave after Thanksgiving, then another after Christmas, then New Years.

Republican support groups this week and the week of January 20th will probably constitute waves as well.

@JeffMurray So true.


The big and horrible fact is that, if there is a big virus wave after the election, following infections started before it. The Trump supporters will still try to blame it on Biden, and say. "I told you so." A sadly a lot of people will fall for it.

Medical professionals feared that coronavirus virus mitigation working would lead to people believing its severity was overstated. It appears that many people had this attitude and their fears were warranted. The politicization of everything in the current climate leads to many illogical conclusions. I think you may be correct.

Well, we did just have that survey this week where 70.3 million people admitted they were dumb as fuck, so you're probably right.


Seems like your post has been hacked. But by whom and why is unknowable. Perhaps a message direct to Admin may be a good idea.


Just a lot of sick people


The "flu" didn't magically go away after Election Day?

I keep hearing people bitching about how they're so "over" Covid.
I'm still hearing people bitching about wearing masks.
I'm still seeing people without masks when I go out.
People took their kids trick or treating on Halloween.
People are attending college football games. Lots of them without masks.

Of course the numbers are exploding.
People are fucking stupid.
They're letting their guard down and acting like it's over.
It's not over, and it's getting worse.

I don't know why anyone should be surprised by this.

"I have a right to infect myself with other people's Covid-19. I also have a right to infect other people with my Covid-19, SO THERE!"

I like the highlights, people are f** stupid, I don't know why anyone should be surprised by this. 👍

These people are incapable of believing facts unless it is their personal experience. They act as if them witnessing people dying on their way to work everyday is required to qualify a serious pandemic. Yet they believe the downfall of man was orchestrated by a talking snake that they read about in an account written by ancient goat herders. I'm not surprised by this in the least.

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