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Whenever you are watching a movie, are there any movies that bring you to tears? When I was a kid, I cried during " Yeller" but now when I watch it I do not. Movies right now that bring you to tears. Mine are "Hatchi A Dogs Tale" and "Hardball" Keanu Reeves.

jigsaw 5 Nov 7

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I remember seeing a movie called “madam x” in black and white. A woman had to give up her son to protect him because she was an agent for the US? I was only 6. She gets framed for murder years later and her son is her defense attorney. She knows, but says nothing as he passionately defends her up to her execution.
I think it stuck and had impact because when I was three my father took me by force from my mother, so I’m easily manipulated by the subject, or was at six.

I'm so sorry, Willow! The longer I live, the more I understand how vulnerable children are. Is your mother still in your life? I hope so.

@LucyLoohoo I met her when I was 26, 23 years later.
So don’t expect a good reaction when they take children from their mothers to keep Americans free, because it’s a fascist lie.

@Willow_Wisp Hope things are better with you and her! I think about those 545 children every day. Every single day. That issue needs to be at the top of Biden's list!


Have to watch "Precious"

I have seen "Pay It Forward" and it was a good movie.

I just order "Precious" on blu ray for 10.00 dollars. I read about it and it sounds interesting. I have to stop ordering movies, I have so many!

@jigsaw I get all mine from the public library ! 🙂


Seriously? HAH! Far too many--start with "Steel Magnolias" and move on to "Harriet".....

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