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What are your theories about the future? Do you think the former Republican Party will temper down now that the pressure of Trump will be gone?

JZBEE 4 Nov 8

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Cool info on the election front today. They have found that the six states in contention have a few thing in common.

They all have a huge metropolitan area where the votes were counted

They all sent their vote counters home on the night of the election

While they were gone, Biden's vote count jumped exactly 85% at exactly the same time.

AND... they used Dominion software which was used in Venezuela to help create their wonderful society.

Crazy how that works.


TrumpOLINI is not going anywhere and if he loses December 14th he will announce for 2024 b4 xmas following the footsteps of Grover Cleveland and Teddy Roosevelt... as for the rethuglicans the Party belongs to McConnell 6 more years.... rigging the primary against Bernie and ballot stuffing against TrumpOLINI has destroyed the legitimacy of the demonRATs..... time is now for Greens to win seats in Congress no longer wasting our resources upon gangsters polluters and zionists


Hang on for the ride , Hopefully it is not overly bumply

Hope you’re right!


The same army of fascist are still out there.
The 0.001 percent that owned everything still does.
Capitalism is still killing Capitalism, they’ll blame Progressives but we’re useless, no consensus.
Still better, Trump was standing on the freeway blocking traffic, metaphorically speaking. He just had too much ego to not be the biggest problem for everyone.


Trumpologists will appear, who will spend the next ten years inventing excuses and rationalizations, to explain the rise and fall of the American Mussolini.


No it will get worse. Worse than it ever got for Obama or even Hillary. They are angry. They are going to try and pull a Rutherford B Hayes and then they are going to try and pull a Grover Cleveland 2024 with Donald Trump. As soon as the election gets certified, providing he can't have it overturned somehow, he will begin running 2024. It may be worse than if he had won.

That is if New York State does not grab him first. McConnell will not live that long and some of his party is already objecting to this current behavior. For my own survival I have to hold onto something optimistic. I do expect backlash as I expected it after Obama was elected. The pendulum is going to continue to swing both ways and probably higher on either end.


Haha. Trumps not giving up yet.

Know what? This is your second comment that I've read, the first one is under Danger Dave post and this is the second time, and seems that you are a troll, just so you know! you are acting like that. Perhaps, you're not aware?

Are you capable of actually addressing the topic of a thread? We know it hurts but interrupting the adults won't make it any better.


@Boomtarat03 A can’t help that you don’t understand how American government works. Just because you see it on the news, it does not mean that it is fact.
And that’s what’s wrong with society.

@CourtJester From the stalker/troll who routinely post dubious factual claims without supporting evidence.

@LovinLarge Support yours

@CourtJester Your first comment contained no supporting evidence and was from a source that I proved was biased.

Also here are 3 screenshots of the private messages that you send me that I don't open.

@LovinLarge Reactions are proof? Are you okay???

@CourtJester You are a fraud and a stalker and I've proven both.

@LovinLarge Auh. Took me a bit of thinking. You can now tell everyone that I didn’t invite you to dinner with coworkers so that you can continue to argue my work. I gotcha.

@LovinLarge Should I post my invitation to you? It could have been quite spectacular

I don’t necessarily believe this.

more fake news

How much was he paid?????

@LovinLarge you mean “I’m a democrat and I disagree with you”.

@CourtJester You're illiterate.

@LovinLarge Yeah. You’ll be okay.


I think they have little choice. The electoral map indicates that Georgia and North Carolina are changing. Florida and Texas aren't far behind. It will be tough for them since appealing to these states will probably be at odds with the solid red states they get much support from.

Have you drank the fake news koolaid ? demonRATs destroyed Bernie base and lost ground in Congress....Georgia decides the Senate in early January.... BidenS crime families are one step ahead of handcuffs and will not get any transition help until December 14th IF ELECTORS are accepted by Pence&Pelosi ....the future belongs to the truth telling Green Party when Greenland melts away and the Atlantic Ocean currents are destroyed beyond repair

@Larry68Feminist I was replying to the original post. Please try to decipher context before an angry rant.


The Republican party already concede and one of the Senator calling for all the Republicans to stay behind President-elect Joe Biden. But as of this moment, Trump doesn't concede, if he is a good gentleman he will accept the fact that most of the people in America (not only in America but all over the world) don't like him at all.

It is not about the Republican party but the problem is the human being named Donald Trump! 🙈✌️😁

I’m not sure he’s human but I do agree with you

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