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This picture is a promise of hope........ Agree/Disagree?

sassygirl3869 9 Nov 9

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I like Joe and Kamala. The cloud thing is too weird ... looks too much like Christian art showing angels and/or god looking down and smiling on their sheep.


The graphics is good but I disagee. I am in bed now. I will explain in detail tomorrow why.

Hope for what? A change for the better? Healthcare? Immigration? I doubt it. We had the hope euphoria with Obama. What happened for 8 years?

For 4 years, we were busy with senseless hatred about everything of Trump, then we had romance with a new found 80 year old hunchback socialist hero Bernie, now to another extreme for adoration for everything and all for Biden and Kamala..... before anything has even started? People worship? What next? Make 'em deities?


Damn it I try not to let emotions of awe take me, I had a bad experience with that in religion, but I find this poster inspirational. Now I have to find things to be grumpy about to get grounded again.


Agree awesome


Dead politicians in the clouds is pretty stupidly religious and illegal ballots in 3/4 states to defeat TrumpOLINI does NOT settle the score of deposed PRESIDENT Gore 2000



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