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Here is a new definition of hope.......An illusion that exists in the minds of the naive and / or gullible.

CuddyCruiser 7 Nov 10

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Shit Happens!!!

Often without your own inclination!!!


To me hope is based on experience.
After I got out of the military I returned to Alabama to attend college.
I had multiple jobs trying to make ends meet, and student loans.
Basically I almost starved to death in Alabama during the Reagan years.
One year I lived on pickles and fig preserves.
The last month I ate a deer, the only one I ever killed, I never want to do that again.
In California I've been homeless and I've attended parties in the ball room on the Queen Mary.
I've stayed in homeless shelters and I've flown hang gliders from Crestline to San Bernardino.
I've owned a brand new five bedroom house with a pool I paid to put in.
Fortunes come and go.
I've been down further, and I'm still alive.
Who knows how this year will turn out.


Sounds accurate to me, at least when it comes to politics. Most Americans, esp. liberals, are like people still living in The Matrix who haven't taken and refuse to take the pill that dissolves their illusions. Probably because they are too fearful and weak to cope with the knowledge that their government can't be trusted, as well as the Dem Party, and that their leaders care only about power and money. And when you challenge their illusions, they just get angry with you and see you as their enemy, not the corrupt leaders that are out to screw both them and you. They treat you as crazy then so they can comfort themselves that you have to be wrong and they must be right, so they can go on feeling comfortable in their illusions.

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