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39 comments on a post of a believer?. And members complain of trolls getting on this site!?! You just gave a troll a ton of points and ran up their level to 4. I do not know who is more stupid. Religious people or the atheist - agnostic fools on this site?

creative51 8 Nov 12

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That's why I DID NOT reward the troll by responding.


I read her comment and decided there was no point in responding or even reading the answers.

My beliefs regarding religion are firm andI have no need to prove them to anyone else.

That is what I am saying everyone should do.

@creative51 When and by whom were you appointed to determine what everyone should do?

@LovinLarge The fucking angel gabriel stopped by for a cup of coffee. He told me that both god and satan wanted me to do so. Now ya happy, LOL.

@creative51 Why would other members, more educated, more intelligent and wiser than you have any interest in what you think they should do?

@LovinLarge personal attacks are disgusting

@Lorajay That's my exact point, that it was inappopriate for the OP to call the 39 members who commented on that post "stupid".

@LovinLarge Oh, golly gee, you made me feel so bad, I am going to go and hide underneath my bed, LOL


I personally agree with you. Believers certainly aren't going to convince me that they're right. I have no desire to contradict them or engage with them. I don't like to argue with people who have their mind made up. Sometimes if I'm in the mood, I'll make a comment just to insult them, provided I have the energy to go back and forth with an idiot. It's usually not worth it.


Who pulled your string?
I always invite discussion with people that believe.
If they aren't exposed how can they break free other than as I did with great pain and personal loss.
I don't wish that on anyone.
I wish someone had talked me down back in the day.

GREAT response! Couldn't agree more!

This was not someone who wanted an intellectual discussion. It was an obvious troll. Come on.

@creative51 My response was terse and to the point, it's the only appropriate way to respond.

I said...
"Nope, everything that has happened has been 100% biology and sociology and psychology.
No one is coming to help us, not Gods or Aliens."

@Willow_Wisp Good response but it was wasted on am imbecile. Save your water droplets. I don't like believers preaching at me but I refuse to debate them. I either ignore them or tell them to go fuck themselves. Which do you think is the better response of those two?

@barjoe If I was whispering to him I'd wonder about these things, but it's a message board, so it's for anyone else that comes along to read as well. When I speak it's so everyone can hear. I'm vain like that and have no plan to change.

The only reason I read this post was to see your answer.

@Willow_Wisp Why bother to debate a theist? You're welcome to do as you like but it's like talking to a wall. Ask yourself this. What purpose could the poster have for a religious comment on a predominantly Atheist messages board? Because they're open minded? The purpose is to start an argument. 46 comments proves the poster succeeded.

@barjoe I knew you would have a great answer. I am convinced we think much alike. And I like it.

@barjoe It is friggin up to 58 now, lol.

@creative51 This post is getting pretty big too. I assume you helped promote that one yourself by complaining about it. That's how social media works. I haven't commented on it.

@barjoe A complete coincidence I am sure, LOL


Pretty sure the most stupid is the member who just made 39 enemies with one post. Congrats, that's got to be a record!

You only make enemies when you are doing something right.

@creative51 Nothing could be further from the truth.

@LovinLarge Been on this site just short of 2 1/2 years. If someone want so to be my enemy, they will not be the first and likely not the last. I persist and am still here.

@creative51 When I consider posting or commenting, I ask myself, "does this contribute to the discussion?". But hey, that's just me.

@LovinLarge Oh!, Thanks for pointing out to me that I do not do that. I would have never suspected it.


So, who died & left you The Reply Police? Not to mention you forgot your "don't be nasty" meds, again.

Right?!? I guess we should all go sit in the corner now. Lol

I get tired of all the posts complaining about all the trolls on the site. If they do not like trolls, then ignore them when they get on here. Don't give them 39 comments and run up their level rating.
My script for "don't be nasty" meds ran out. Can't get a refill from my Doc due to all the covid restrictions, oh well, grumble, grumble grumble.


Yes but the poster only made one post on a lot of different groups, so that may have attracted a lot of attention. But they got fed up with the replies and left anyway. Plus why should we not talk to believers, they are human, and if there is a chance they will learn something, why not. I do not think the site needs to be an echo chamber.

I believe that talking to believers is fine. But when someone comes out with their first post being inflammatory, they are being a troll, not someone who is interested in a real give and take conversation.

@creative51 True, so I just had fun with him/her while it lasted. Gone now anyway.

@Fernapple Good riddance. I feel so bad that some troll posted religious beliefs on a message board that's predominately atheists and got fed up because people challenged him. Boo hoo.

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