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I have a dear friend I've known for years. In a recent she mentioned prayer. I disclosed for the first time, that being the first opportunity come up, my atheism. Yesterday, we had a long discussion back and forth. Short texts, nothing lengthy. She sent me the following text just this moment, she wants chat later. "I have get ready go a dinner with family. But where did the universe come from have the big bang? It couldn't come out of nothingness." Does anyone have a good, concise, respectful answer. I don't want be mean her. Maybe you guys can help. Thanks. **** update

Thanks to my friends on this site, I think i came up with an acceptable explanation. Took a screenshot. I suppose we agreed to disagree.

barjoe 8 Nov 15

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Why does everyone say that the big bang "came from nothing"?
Maybe a prior universe shrank to zero, and the big bang was the result of that universe ending.

Or, I like to think that the big bang was not the whole universe beginning, but only the last three dimensions of the current 9 that we live in being added to the previous six.

I'm not a physicist, I don't know exactly how the universe was created. I just know how it wasn't created, by a "creator".


Even if you hypothetically granted there was a design and a designer, why design our star’s death, the collision of our galaxy and andromeda, and everything else to spread apart and die with eventual “nothing-ness” to come?

Mvtt Level 6 Nov 15, 2020

The difference between the beginnings of the universe being incomprehensible and the beginning of god being incomprehensible is that there is credible evidence for the existence of the universe.

Anyway, that's how indoctrinated she is, that she never even considered where God came from before. Some of the finest people I've ever known have been devout Christians but it saddens me that they fell for the greatest fraud ever perpetrated upon humankind.

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