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Do you guys really vote when you got worse and worst option . Why none protested for better option than these . Socrates: people should not have the right to vote cause they are not clever enough to question and vote . Whats your opinion on this ? Tell your reasons?

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LuciferG0907 3 Nov 17

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Accepting trump as dictator is a much worse choice than voting for Biden. I certainly would rather have a more progressive candidate to vote for but it is an impossibility for the time being. With the Republicans stacking the courts with theocrats and their voter suppression tactics I believe we were reaching a tipping point. They could have secured enough power to rule with their minority for decades. Even if it isn't a great choice, making the better choice is best, especially since it is still possible.


"None protested?" I worked hard for Bernie both in 2016 & this year, plus sent $$$$...what did You do?

I did it here in the place I live with a journalist. we went jail 😅

the media over here completely brainwashed people especially the central government who is bringing hatred against two religions and making them kill each other .. it became completely biased


Some of us did demand a better option. If enough of us do, we can and will get the better option.

let's try next time also


Americans have no other choice. The last time we revolted, we threw King George and the British Army out of the country. We are stuck with a two party system. 3rd party is a wasted vote. Lesser of two evils, sometimes. That's how it works. If there was a large 3rd party vote, Trump would-be won. In your country, Parliamentary, Coalition Government. Smaller parties can be part of the Government.

There is another option: the DIRR, direct initiative, referendum and recall.

if people be aware they could change amendment


You ask a biased question. Your opinion is that both options are worse, or, one might say, the lesser of two evils. I disagree; in each election I have found a qualitative difference between the candidates, and no more so than in the last two. If you did not see either candidate Clinton or President-elect Biden as vastly better choices than Trump, in terms of temperament, experience, dedication to public service, and overall commitment to the nation over their personal interests, you just weren't paying attention.

The reason Trump won in 2016 was because Clinton was not "vastly better choices than Trump, in terms of temperament, experience, dedication to public service, and overall commitment to the nation over their personal interests". Trump represented change and Clinton "same old same old". People chose change but either way a vain, self promoting psyco was getting in the WH.
The sooner Democrats accept Trump won because they had a horrendous, uninspiring candidate and Obama's presidency was not as perfect as their propaganda tells them, the sooner they will inspire voters again..

@powder I understand that this is the Republican propaganda regarding Hilary Clinton. You, like millions, have accepted it.

Are the Clintons flawed? Absolutely. Are they also the victims of a decades-long character assasination project funded by their enemies on the Right, which began when Bill was still only running for Governor of Arkansas and continued on through Hilary's candidacy? Ab-so-fucking-lutely.

But don't take my word for it. Read David Brock's Blinded by the Right, which documents the multi-million dollar project to dig up and manufacture any and all dirt they could, real, imagined, and invented from whole cloth, on the Clintons, by Richard Mellon Scaife, Congressional Republicans led by Newt Gingrich, the Federalist Society (including Ken Starr, who, among other things, never revealed his connections with members of Paula Jones' legal team despite going on to investigate issues directly arising from her lawsuit), and the right-wing press, led by Scaife's magazine, The American Spectator, the Washington Times, and the Wall Street Journal editorial page. Many names of current prominent liars abound in the book; Tucker Carlson, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, a cast of thousands.

Trump represented change in the same sense that throwing a hand grenade and a couple pipe bombs into the living room represents redecorating. It will look different afterward, but it will be very very expensive to repair all the destruction; and anyone with a lick of sense could see beforehand what the results were going to be.

first, I am not biased. I am just a rationalist and nothings going change if Biden is president same shit will happen


Do you guys really vote when you got worse and worst option

This is a biased question. It assumes that Biden is a "worse" candidate than- who? It's clear from the context of the question that you think there is a better choice. Subjectively, for you, there may be. For many there may be. But it doesn't follow that this holds true for everyone. The candidate you see as "better", someone else might see as "worse". These are subjective value judgements, so framing the question this way reveals inherent bias. It also implies (almost comes out and says, actually) that there's no point voting if these are the two choices with any real chance of winning.

It's as if I asked, "Why do you bother eating at this restaurant when the only soups they serve are bean soup or brocolli soup? Why don't you badger the manager for a better selection?" Just because I don't like either one, doesn't mean they aren't legitimate preferences for someone else. The way I phrase the question shows that I already have my mind set against either one.


Here in England’s former colonies people vote to get rid of a president.

In England before the 1688? Bloodless Revolution, people assassinated kings and queens. People can now ignore the royals.

queen still have power have over England, a kid is more valuable than the whole country now


I'm not happy to choose between the Christian fascists and the center right but it is a clear choice. As clear as choosing between only McDonalds and going hungry.


There are other options. All we have to do is resist the urge to vote for the lesser evil candidate to avoid the very evil candidate and instead vote for the good candidate. If enough of us do it, the good candidate can win.

@RoboGraham You repeat that line often, but ignore that the “good candidate” is the least known candidate.

Can you identify a remedy in which you don’t say “Voters should ....” or “Voters should not ....”, but can say “Voters will ....”?

The ugly reality is that the two major parties would rather lose to each other than to a third party, so they make a third party’s path all but impossible. In 1991, Ross Perot had enough money to try it.

Third parties that become known well enough to attract voters will also attract people who want power for selfish reasons — just as selfish people now use the two major parties.

Defeating the two major parties — two sides of the ruling class coin — will require a paradigm shift.

I will hit REPLY now and may in a few minutes add more.

@RoboGraham a bing search on “direct democracy mike gravel” found what voters in seventeen mostly western states have for more than a century been doing. Those states are Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, and Washington.
Source: Search on “ballot measures”. I’m in California so I search on “california ballot measures”.

@yvilletom hey in some countries the judges of supreme courts are becoming presidents do you think that can work

@RoboGraham No. What is needed is ranked voting. Otherwise voting for the "good candidate" will net another trump.


I absolutely agree that we needed ranked choice.

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