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Are you aware that the largest strike in human history is occurring right now?

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RoboGraham 8 Dec 6

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It would have been nice to include a link. Here is one [] 250 million people sounds like a lot (and it is) but given India has a population of 1,364,976,946 It is only about 1/6th. Given India is 1/3 the size of the US imagine the density. The way we are going this could easily be a picture of the US in the future.

In the video: [] notice how few are wearing masks.


You'll never hear about it on corporate media in America. Don't want the peasants to get any silly ideas about doing that here.


Yes., the farmer’s strike in India...I saw it on BBC TV news yesterday, and again this morning.

Thank You.


I had no idea about this until I saw this post. I'm glad you put this here or I might never have known. I guess the news is just ignoring it. Which is ridiculous, the biggest strike ever needs to be covered.

I'm glad you care. Seems like most people find events that happen outside of the western world to be pretty much meaningless.


Narendra Modi is to India what Thatcher was to Britain and Reagan was to the US. He needs to be stopped. Modi believes in a Free market system that tramples on the Poorest of the poor. I hope theses farmers make a difference. And I hope Modi's days are numbered

Hear Hear!


Unions should take a look at their numbers and realize they can band together to acquire means of production and use them communally.

Farmers in India deserve fair access to the markets. And the removal of the power that large multinational food companies have over them. They do not need communal farming. That was tried by Stalin and Mao and resulted in Famine.
Farmers Co-ops would be a good solution. Where farmers own the factories that process the food they produce. Every farmer that supplies food has a shareholding in the Co-op. Co-op are quite popular in European farming and they work.

@dermot235 "They do not need communal farming. That was tried by Stalin and Mao and resulted in Famine."

I didn't know you were an alt right propagandist. I've one word for you, ecovillage.

"Farmers Co-ops would be a good solution."

That's a socialist method used all over Oklahoma. Anyway, ethical and organic farming should eventually bring people together communally. As it is now, the farmers go from acting like gods to feeling suicidal. It should be government's job to coordinate a nation's nutritional needs and not some overworked and undereducated farmer. In order to get a true communist government, however, we'll have to implement socialism from the ground up. So, we should get started showing the world how a government of and by the people should operate.

@Fred_Snerd OK Fred read your History. Stalin Took land from the people and turned farms in to communal farms and FAMINE did follow. Not fake new. It really happened

@dermot235 I really don't know how to get through to you people who see Marxists as Maoists. Have a nice life.


That did happen, no doubt about it. However, I think it's a bit more complex than that. Just because Stalin and Mao's methods resulted in famine doesn't necessarily mean that collectivized farming will always lead to that result.

@Fred_Snerd "You People". I never said Stalin and Mao were the same. But they did both collective Farming with horrible results. That was my point

@Fred_Snerd, @RoboGraham That may well be true, but are you willing to take a chance and experiment with the food supply. There are Models that do work such as the Kibutz farms in Israel. Incentives and a market place are essential it would seem or Farmers will not feel the need to produce. So It's a balance between incentive and a free Market and Government intervention and regulation to prevent farmers being exploited.

And in relation to Fred_snerd
As for "I didn't know you were an alt right propagandist".
Just because I disagree with your "band together to acquire means of production and use them communally" and I say something Bad about Stalin and Mao, does not make me "Alt Right" .
And Thank you for your words of kindness. I do have a nice life as it happens. As for "I really don't know how to get through to you people". You should try being Civil when you discuss issues. Then maybe I would be more willing to listen to your arguments and opinions

@dermot235 "You should try being Civil"

You should try thinking.


I wouldn't want to risk doing anything like what Stalin and Mao did. I think the only way for it to work is if it's done voluntarily from the ground up. And it needs to be a much slower transition.

There were massive issues with the way the Russians did it. They killed and/or exiled all the kulaks to Siberia which meant that the most able farmers were gone. Forced confiscation caused people to slaughter their animals rather than hand them over. And Stalin insisted that grain continue to be exported in massive quantities in order to trade it for resources needed for industrialization and to keep up the veneer that the Soviet Union was thriving. So even as millions of Ukrainians were starving, they continued taking away the grain, and they didn't allow those people to leave in search of food. It was enormously stupid and cruel.

As far as I know about the Chinese, they did that whole cultural revolution thing which involved moving city dwellers to the country and visa versa so suddenly all the farmers didn't know how to farm.

I don't think anything like what they did could happen in a non-totalitarian society. Still, you're right that it's risky to go messing around with the food supply. But I do think that the factory farming we are using now is unsustainable and extremely harmful. I think, in time, we will find the right combination and collectivized farming will be a success.

For the record, you are one of the last people I would refer to as alt right. I think Fred goes a bit overboard sometimes.

@RoboGraham "I think Fred goes a bit overboard sometimes."

I think you've hinted at this before. I wasn't sure, so I didn't tell you to not waste your time worrying about my behavior.


When your behavior lends credence to the right wing framing of leftists as being angry, hostile, and uncompromising, that is something to be concerned about.

You can behave however you like. I just wanted to let @dermot235 know that I disagree with your assessment of him. He's a knowledgeable and reasonable person who doesn't deserve to be called alt-right.



What strike ?

Farmers and worker strike in India.

Over 200 million people involved.

@RoboGraham what are their issues/demands?


New agricultural laws take away financial protections for small land owners. They make the market more free which allows big corporations to dominate because small farmers don't have the bargaining power to compete.

The joint trade union charter of demands:

Direct cash transfer of Rs 7,500 (US $101) to all families who earn less than the income tax threshold.

10kg free ration per person every month to all in need.

Expansion of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act to provide employment from the current 100 days to 200 days work in rural areas with enhanced wages, and extension of this programme to urban areas

Withdrawal of all anti worker labour code changes and anti-farmer laws

Stop privatization of public sector corporations, including those in the finance sector.

Stop the corporatization of government-run manufacturing and services entities in railways, ordinance manufacturing, ports and similar areas.

Withdraw the draconian circular of forced premature retirement of government and public sector employees.

Provide a pension to all, restore earlier pension scheme and improve EPS 95.

@RoboGraham I grew up on a small family dairy farm, started by great-grandpa, in my life run by grandpa, my dad & his brother. Grew the hay, corn, alfalfa, milked, bottled, even delivered. Employed 4-5 in the summer plus the 3 of them. Then along came Hood & Sealtest.... "we will take all that work away, just tend the cows & fields". But then they paid less & less for the milk until the farmland got sold for subdivision lots. Happened as far as the eye could see, to every farm around. These Ind8an farmers, by joining together, all i can say is good for them!!!!!!!

250m strike in India


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